Hey all!

I've just come back from a few months break, getting back into it all! My guild is pretty much dead now, so...

I'm looking for a new, actively raiding guild. I'd prefer to raid 1-3 days a week, anywhere from 9PM-12AM EST. I can both tank and DPS (either on my warrior (485 Prot/475 Fury) or warlock (490 Afflict/Destro); both will go up as I progress in the new LFR/dailies).

I'm not opposed to faction-switching. To the basics:

Experiences raiding:
WotLK: Tier 10 - 12/12N, 3/12H (Didn't really raid much back then).
Cataclysm: Tier 11: 12/12N; Tier 12: 7/7N, 6/7H pre-4.3 (went 7/7H before MoP), Tier 13 - 8/8N, 2/8H
Mists of Pandaria: Tier 14: 10/16N (guild/raid fell apart after Wind Lord).

I'm an experienced player (Been a warrior for 7 years, a warlock for 2 of that). Anything I've done has been done in multiple roles and using multiple strats. I'm malleable (adjust on the fly), quick to respond, and I push myself to my limits (I don't like criticism, but it makes me better myself).

Get in contact and I'll gladly hop on Skype or Vent or something for an interview, to explain any personal or life-ish things you may ask about that I'm not comfortable putting down here.

Best wishes!