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Vanguard of Norrath is the third-most progressed raiding guild on the server; our top raiders are currently 6/12 on Tier 15 Normal. However, our guild also has a second 10-man raid progression group, and we are working on Tier 14 Normal. Right now our focus is on Heart of Fear; we are somewhere between 1/6 and 5/6, depending on how you measure it, and in our current incarnation are working on Grand Empress Shek'zeer. We're still 0/12 on Tier 15 Normal, as that's less of a focus for now, but we have done some solid pulls. We do hope to tackle that content while it's current.

We gain a lot from our membership in Vanguard of Norrath, even though we're not in the main raid progression group. The guild is mostly made up of mature adults (with some joking around), and has an active and friendly guild chat. During peak hours there are usually max-level crafters online for every profession, who are generally willing to help out if you have the mats. We have access to the guild's private forums and strategy discussions, and we are able to use the alts (or sometimes even the mains) of the guild's top raiding group as substitutes in our raids (though we'd prefer to get by with less of this going forward). And, very rarely, our members are asked to sub into the main raiding group (which is why you can see a current-content Heroic Gara'jal kill in my own raid progress history). Our guild also participates in the weekly organized Oondasta kills, often helps people with quests like A Change of Command and Champions of the Thunder King, and runs other similar group content on an ad-hoc basis.

This second raid group is now undergoing a reboot, and is very actively recruiting. While we are particularly short on healers and ranged caster DPS, we have some flexibility to consider applicants of any class or spec. Currently, we raid every Wednesday and Sunday from 6 PM to 9 PM server time, but our time slot is not fixed in stone. We are looking for committed players who will be able to attend nearly every scheduled raid night (and provide notice when they will occasionally not be able to attend). We expect players to research their class and spec and the fights we will be facing, and to prepare for the raid with the proper gear, gems, enchants, reforges, builds, etc. We expect these characters to progress via Valor Point accumulation, regular Tier 14 and 15 LFR participation as appropriate, and other similar means. We expect that most applicants will be intending to raid on their mains, but serious alts will also be considered.

If you are interested in raiding at the level described above, and think you'd be a good fit for our group and our guild, please visit our website and complete a Raider application. As stated on the application page, we are more interested in your level of commitment and personal attitude than we are in your history of raid progression (though the latter is certainly an asset!). All questions on the application form are taken seriously by the officers, so if you'd like your application to be immediately rejected please enter a perfunctory response in any one of the fields. ;-)

Website: http://www.vanguardofnorrath.com/

If you would like to be considered for regular membership in this raid progression group without actually joining our guild, please clearly specify that in your application.
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90 Draenei Priest

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Well - why the heck was I logged into Rellabelle! BANK ALTS FTW
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Paladins make the best bankers.
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Hi, i just returned to BWR from MG, and i used to be in Von like a year ago or so. Left to help a reallife friend work up his guild. If you need ranged dps, im geared and know all HOF fights except not that much experience with second half of empress.
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Vasili is good peeps
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Do you guys do old Cata, Wrath and BC runs?

Might get back into raiding when I hit 90. Getting a chance to go back and do some old dungeons would be a good perk for recruiting me.

Of course you want me...I was an officer in <PoP>, led raids for <Last Exile>, topped DPS for <Slow Motion> and was guild master of the highly respected <Thirty Bagged Lunches>.

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90 Worgen Druid
you have alts that i'm sure were more familiar with. who are they?
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Nope. I have two Moriquaths and a Moriqualt (low level)...all warlocks. I really only raided/RPed with this guy.


But I did take 4 or 5 years away from WoW so that might explain the gap.
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We're still looking for raiders. Currently need tanks and dps!
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