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43 Orc Shaman
Hi all, having a blast healing(though I know it is super easy at my bracket), I just had a system question. Know that my PC is old and I play on the lowest graphic setting and had to dump all my addons with MoP. So my question is, are there any specific buttons that will heal certain players in a 5 man? I sort of recall something like this on the log-in/tips screen.

For example, if I hit f3 will it automatically target the 3rd person in the dungeon or what not?

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90 Tauren Druid
Yes. F1 always targets yourself, F2 the first person in the group, and so on. It helps in dungeons, and is great in arenas, if you choose to do any PvP later on.
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43 Orc Shaman
Awesome, thanks man!
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90 Draenei Shaman
I play on a laptop almost always, so I can't have a lot of stuff going at once or it will start chugging and I get to watch a slide show of me healing instead.

I've used VuhDo for years and have never had issues with it. The biggest thing to look at with addons if you're playing on an old system is how much memory usage it takes up. Small addons will take very little memory and typically won't affect you'e game play. They also make it a lot easier to heal large groups. If you get into healing anything large then 5 mans you'll have to click on the name in the raid panel then cast your heal, which can be clunky but I know some healers who do it and heal well.

When I started my priest back in Wrath I healed like you - using the function keys to flip through party members then using my keybindings to cast a heal. Someone pointed out to me that if I wanted to heal raids when she was all grown up I should get some sort of healing addon (VuhDo, Healbot, Grid etc) to make my life easier. At the time Healbot wasn't nearly as user friendly as it is now so based on recommendations I went with Vuhdo.

Switching over at level 50 was hard and it took some time to get used to it. If you're looking at healing raids in the future it might behoove you to try out an addon and get used to using it. As I said Vuhdo has always worked well for me and back in Wrath I had a terrible laptop to game on, it's memory at the time was 512 and I was even doing 25 man raids without any huge issues and never had an issue of Vuhdo slowing things down.
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