Better than any Cartel!

Yo! What up VentureC! I am Al Spiritlend, the boss of Ebbing Green Rose Trades. We offa ya a new experiment in the pursuit of moolah and beauty! Ahhright! Do you have a unique profession or hobby? Are ya the artistic type? Join us and defend your interests! I can offa ya a deal of the lifetime on your salvation! Become an investor and gain daily moolah, then pursue your coin and trade! We do defend our interests against those who want to take it away! For money and.... beachfront property! ;) "Invest in beauty!"

((RPpvp guild similar to a cartel but welcoming of all races/classes. A new experiment perhaps in monetary use as well. An amount will be determined regularly for daily withdraws for all toons. Subject to change of course, much like any economy. First, become an investor in this way and then gain a new rank or more by creatively making up professions or pursuits through roleplay means. We will also determine factions who may be against trade or beauty/nature beside the Alliance, of course, to then "defend" our interests, i.e. rp/pvp! Come to VeCo Horde!))
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100 Tauren Shaman
Welcome to a new rp/pvp guild!

What is this moolah you speak of? As a tauren, I am interested in all things MOO-related.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
I love, love, LOVE cartel RP. Welcome to the veco RP world! Do let me know if you need any help setting up events or to know the big names on horde side. May i recommend setting Bilge-water as your HQ? Bank is empty.

And now, i'd love to "invest in beauty" like you said but last time i did that, them goblin hookers hired them big goons after me ("how was i suppose to know first hour of piggy back riding wasn't free!"). So any transaction between your cartel and me must first go through my accountant Babe.

*Lifts up his pet dog, Babe, wearing an accountant visor. The mutt wags his tail and barks hello!*
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As a proud member of the Alliance, I hope all your goblin ventures end in ruin and your inventions blow up in your faces...BUT as a savvy investor, I hope your market manipulations cause great ripple effects throughout Azeroth's economy that can be felt for the better in the Alliance auction houses.
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90 Worgen Druid
Hmm I wonder if you'd be neutral. I mean anything for gold right? *Jingles her heafty gold purse above the Goblin*
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90 Undead Rogue
*A goblin-sized undead emerges from the shadows behind Al Spiritlend."

The Blacktooth Grin offers its hand to protect you. Our blades will spill the ink and the fallen bodies of our enemies will be the brushes as we paint a picture of ourselves. The Blacktooth Grin is in need of artisan tradesmen to do business with. Do not let yourself be fooled by the treacherous Alliance. We will accept payment in the form of unmarked gold nuggets or crafted items. Do not think you can run a cartel without protection funding.

*Lizardrat vanishes, leaving behind the finger of a human.*
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Ebbing Green Rose trades, ma friends, shall guarantee ya know the price and package! A gold purse will always make a customer, regardless of who ya follow,... *Tries to wildly jump for the purse taunted at him by the Tauren female, before he continues speaking*.. Uh-hem...welcome. And as I said, after bein so freaked out by some strange voice behind me *Looks around suspiciously*... we defend our interests! My connection with the light makes me immune to veiled threats... plus ma witty con skills... uh-hem! I mean ma charming business savvy. We welcome the aid and investment of others!
Edited by Alspiritlend on 4/13/2013 1:59 PM PDT
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100 Tauren Shaman
I'd be interested in some Westfall Oats. Humans don't do much right, but the lands there make for some tasty oats.

We have tried sneaking in, but the furloss-to-oat ratio gets to be a little high at times.
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