[A]<mM>Semi-Hard 10m 8-11 PST LFM

90 Worgen Druid
We have returned to Kilrogg, and we are here for good. Looking to recruit again for 5.2 progression and beyond. See recruitment needs below, but still looking for every role right now. Feel free to whisper any toon starting with Tor or Ata in Mustachioed Mayhem for details.

<muStaChioEd MaYhEm>-US-Kilrogg-Alliance
Torodor#1886 , Atamic#1469
Raids: 8-11 Server/PST Tues/Wed/Thurs
Progression 10’s, driven yet lighthearted style and environment

Currently recruiting :
1 Block Tank--Pally highly preferred
2 Healers—Disc Priest highly preferred for one slot, Shaman/Pally for other. No monks/druids, raid comp too restrictive. Shadow/Ele OS are a plus.
2 Ranged DPS—Need a hunter and one caster, Warlock highly preferred.
1 DPS—Frost DK Preferred, DPS shaman good too if we find an HPally over Resto Sham

<mM> of Kilrogg-Alliance was formed in early Cataclysm to bring friends together to raid. Now reforming in Pandaria, mM strives to bring together like-minded players in an atmosphere focused around tight-knit groups doing serious progression, with a casual flare and schedule.
What brings us to this point in the game is basically just a hodge podge of poorly managed guilds. Since Cata launched, there were two portions of the expansion where we were not able to raid. After coming back, it was almost impossible to find a good guild for two people who were not as far progressed as we should have been. Basically, we bounced around until the next tier. On top of that, our last "progression" guild stopped raiding tier 13 early because they wanted to give the raiders a break. So once again, we have very little heroic progression through no fault of our own. It is so hard to get your foot in the door when progression is not up to par. We want a place with fair, unbiased treatment. We are tired of looking for a good home. It's time to build one.

We are reforming mM because in our quest to find the right fit in other guilds, we are just never quite as happy as when we were running a guild and meeting great people. Our previous guilds didn’t fit us due to lack of progression, differences in mindset pertaining to raiding, and some sketchy leadership decisions along the way. In addition, without having a long hardmode and heroic history, the caliber of raiding guilds we would want to join are able to be very choosy.

The solution for us is to make the guild we have been striving to find our entire WoW careers.
Mustachioed is lighthearted in nature, but when it comes down to progression, we want to kill bosses. Whether you are just joining us as Clean Shave or amidst the raiding pool of Pencilstaches, you will find our ranking system to be one of the many things to laugh away the stress of progression raiding. We are looking for more than raiders, we want members. This guild is our heart and soul of what is left for us in the World of Warcraft, and we want to share that drive and passion for finding that perfect place…

Thanks for looking, reply or drop us a line via Battletag for more information.
Applications are taken via the website @ www.mustachioed.enjin.com
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93 Human Warlock
Hi there I just saw your post. This toon was Kilrogg horde a few months ago, but went back to Fenris to be with friends. Sadly, most of my friends aren't interested in raiding current content, so I'm looking for a new home for this toon. Late nights are perfect, but I do have a night job. I'm usually off on Sundays, however I noticed you guys raid Tues/Wed/Thurs. Thank you for your time!
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