Magedigger/Darkdigger Toons to watch out for

90 Night Elf Druid
Aliiance toons Darkdigger / Magedigger (same person) decided it would be a good idea to ninja log with 20k gold of a 12 year old girl after she asked for his help in a trade. Instead of helping her, he took her money and denied even knowing her. I will say that this is a game, but having to look at a 12 year old with utter devastation on her face after trusting someone in her guild to help her instead of stealing her gold is heartbreaking and uncalled for. If you see either of these toons just know that he doesn't care about it, and laughs at this poor girl's stupidity in trusting a guildie. Trolls will mock this message saying its her fault and it is, but common decency would have prevailed if he had just given her back her gold. Keep an eye out for him and if he sees this I hope he has a daughter one day that looks at him with such heartbreak that he can't stand it. Happy questing Skywall and thanks to those that showed their support for such an evil person.
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90 Troll Shaman
If his daughter is 12 years old (born tomorrow) I pray to God these forums are not still around.


I dunno if she's in your guild but who lets at 12 y/o into a guild called "Two Girls One Flask"?

*2nd EDIT*

I looked up Magedigger/ toons were shown.
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just fyi, if you have a verbal contract with someone to provide services for gold and they ninja-log, you can report them. blizzard considers that a contract and a competent GM will transfer the gold back. it helps to take screenshots in case they aren't able to retrieve the chat logs.
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90 Tauren Druid
Why are you letting a 12 year old child play this game?
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5 Gnome Warlock
I know just who your talking about. He's on lightbringer now still using the same names. I knew something about him was off....What a creep to do that to a child and a guildie. Like you said, karma will catch up with him, maybe it already has being that he's on a fail guild. I hear he's working his way up through the ranks in his new guild, maybe he will ninja them next.....
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90 Pandaren Mage
Oh man, this forum still makes me laugh!
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90 Human Warrior
i bet she went around asking for "flying mount" money and ended up with that 20k
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