Hi Windrunner. I returned to the game a couple of weeks ago after a three year absence and now I'm looking for a new guild, primarily for raiding.

I have a long history of experience dating back to Molten Core and was an everyday raider (5-6/week) with the #2 progression guild on the server during that time. However, I have zero experience with the current raid content. So if you're willing to take on someone who needs some time to learn the encounters and improve his gear, you'll be getting a player who you can be sure knows what it takes to be prepared to raid, always shows up, and follows instructions well.

I am currently Holy/Shadow, but I have always been a healer in raids and plan to switch to Holy/Disc when that time comes. I would be willing to keep the Shadow spec if you want part-time DPS duty, but I am far more comfortable and experienced as a healer.

Because of my lack of gear and experience I do not expect to join as a regular member of your raid team right away. However, that is my expectation down the line. I'm looking for a guild that raids fairly regularly and is working on or at least aiming for the newest content at all times. I'm 36 years old and in EST. I would prefer a schedule that doesn't raid past 11 EST on a regular basis.

If you're interested, please send me a tell or an in-game mail. I'm online every day.