First time I felt like weak !@# healer

90 Draenei Shaman
I always hated the qq about shaman healing. I love shaman healing. I was in a raid team that did not progress very well, and recently transferred to a more progressive raid team with a follow disc healer. We went from a ten man raid team to a 25 man raid team. I feel like I will get the boot any moment as I just seem low compared to every one els. It felt like the more healers there are the less I actually heal....I thought 25 man would be awesome but it had the opposite effect...I seem even less viable. Yes I did well on Megarea but who wants to be the bottom of all raid bosses except for the occasional stack up raid boss? I do not mind being at the bottom if it was only 2-5k hps but the disc priest is doing twice my heals on all my fights except Megarea - and it is pissing me off as I feel like he will never be asked to step down from a raid and I think I eventually will be when another "better" healer comes along.

I am more concern that the huge difference between a disc priest and pally compared to a shaman just puts us in a vulnerable situation to be replaced.

If I am missing something - tell me! I change my glyphs according to fight.
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90 Draenei Priest
The shaman healer in my raid feels very similarly. The way I see it, shamans have a very specific niche right now, and that niche is when !@#$ hits the fan you step in and save the day with your mastery. Beyond that, your raid cooldowns are unmatched by any other healer and can save a raid.

For example, we are currently working on Lei Shen in my raid. On the first night we healed with our shaman healer, but the second night she had an emergency and couldn't come so we brought in a monk. He was a VERY good monk healer too, but the lack of those strong heals and cooldowns from our shaman was very noticeable. I even had to change talents to get more mana regen because I was burning through my mana so much faster during the heavy damage portions of the fight, and the lack of mana stream was very noticeable.

So yeah, the shaman in our raid does tend to show up towards the bottom of the meters, but we wouldn't give her up for the world because her powerful mastery and cooldowns make a huge difference especially on progression fights.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Couple of things you can do to help yourself.

1) Get to the 3039 haste mark for the extra tick of ELW.
2) If your raid is not getting low on health reforge out of mastery and into crit
3) Change out some of your straight spirit gems for purifieds
4) Drop AS and pick up EM instead. Macro it to Healing Tide Totem and Ascendance

Still going to be tough but it will improve your output. Also a timer for your totems if you are not using one will drastically improve your uptimes. I used weakauras. If you'd like i'd be happy to post some strings for you to try out if you use it.

Last but not least, keep your chin up.
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90 Worgen Druid
In our 10-man our shaman healer is struggling to keep up on most fights and I don't blame them. I WISH blizzard would just rework chain heal. I feel bad for shamans forced into single target healing and glyph chain heals because the raid is practically force to split up so much that healing rain and chain heal lose most thier power.

Some popular adjustments are making the glyph jump distance baseline, making chain heal consume tidal waves for a benefit instead of actually procing tidal waves, and giving it a high chance to proc earth living.

These are some things I would like to see:

- Chain heal consumes tidal waves charges. Each jump only diminishes 20% instead of 30%.

- Glyph of chaining: Chain heal now has a 8 second cooldown but is cast instantly.

I really think shamans would find instant chain heal attractive even at a 8 second cooldown. Some more mobile healing for them and they can time it with every other unleashed elementals and tidal waves uses for a semi-decent spread rotation. I kind of feel like chain heal should be an instant cast cooldown like it was originally designed in warcraft 3. However I can also see how on some fights the ability to spam it when needed would be more useful (so swap glyphs).
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90 Troll Shaman
I have never had a problem with healing in a raid. Right now as we speak I am doing a 10 man raid with the guild and I am on par with a holy priest and a holy paladin. In low damage areas they *!%%#**# me, but I can quickly get back up with my AoE and group healing.
By the end of the fight, I am normally topping the leaderboards.
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90 Orc Shaman
If your paladin and disc priest co-healers are competent players, you're not going to get close to them. It sucks, but its the way it is right now. Their absorbs will neuter your mastery like there is no tomorrow.

Like people have said before... you are the go to guy when sh@# hits the fan. Embrace being that healer. Own it. You are the best at it.

You're doing 25s now. You don't need glyph of chaining. Keep your chain heal exclusive to the melee pile. You're almost always guaranteed at least 3 jumps that way. Keep HRain on the melee as well. If your melee are anything like the ones in my group, they'll need it. Don't be afraid to single target your raid. Its not the most effective means of healing, but it gets the job done. Mind your cooldowns. Do anything and everything you can to make yourself irreplaceable.

Most importantly, don't give up. Never accept being on the bottom.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
HPS doesn't matter. What matters is doing what is best for the raid. Shaman provide more raid cds than other healers. Yes these do matter. Also, clutch healing is vastly superior to overall healing in almost all cases. There are very few fights in this tier that are pure HPS checks. Only ones that really come to mind are Heroic Iron Qon and Heroic Magaera and Shaman are good at both of those because they are stacking at the high HPS needed times in the fights.
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100 Orc Shaman
I do believe that Shamans are seriously under other healers in the aspect of direct power healing when it comes to HPS. You need to take in consideration all of the active cds that we have. Mana Tide, Healing Tide, Healing Stream, Spirit Link, ect. I personally have extremely low numbers until we reach huge damage taken across the board in raids. I have little to no overhealing with the current mastery that we have I can hit a fully geared ToT raid ready tank for his full hp with one greater healing wave with simply stacking mad mastery. If you do feel the need to heal out of these areas you might be better off stacking critical strike, but then again when are you needed on the board with your major priority as a Shaman (mastery) you don't have it. I do believe that a Shaman is the hardest healing class to play simply because of the amount of Cds that we have, and NEED/SHOULD be using. I do believe the reason I currently have a raid spot is because I am very efficient with every Cd that I use. If you can correctly play a Shaman the way I believe it was intended you can out play any healing class in the game. We are a class that does take a bit of learning to understand how to play properly; unlike being (and no offense to) a priest or pally bubbling your way out of things!
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90 Human Paladin
You will love being a shaman once you get to heroics. That's where the fun really starts.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Other than that, try getting rid of every Haste point you possibly can and dumping it all into your preference of Crit and Mastery.

Yeah, Haste *is* still bugged with totems atm <shakes fist at Blizz>, but I'm one of the shamans who's seeing good results from weighting Haste in T15. When I first reforged to Haste a few weeks ago, I couldn't get enough Haste to hit the breakpoint I'm currently gearing for (Riptide), but I did have the ability to overshoot the 3764 HST/HTT breakpoint. I ran with just over 4k Haste, and I got my extra ticks every single time.

You may say "yes, but the 240+ Haste you added to your gear is lost throughput you could have put somewhere else if you didn't have to overshoot the breakpoint in order to account for totem inconsistency" but... /shrug. The extra Haste helps shave down cast times. I know it's not a huge reduction, but every millisecond counts on Tortos, for example, which is what we were struggling with at the time. Meanwhile, the extra healing from my totems was *highly* beneficial.

Back in T14, only those who were in mostly heroic gear could afford to hit & overshoot the 3764 breakpoint. Haste stacking wasn't worth it for all but those who could get that gear, and of course even then it wasn't necessarily something every rest shaman was interested in.

I've had a few important upgrades since first managing to squeeze enough Haste out of my gear to hit 3764, and I can now hit 5676 with relative ease (would have been nice on Tortos, grumble grumble). A few more upgrades, and I'll be able to get to 7613, which will be huge (Healing Rain).

Meanwhile, my casting times are now noticeably faster. Not so important when you're standing still, but in any fight which requires movement, having the ability to squeeze in a heal before being forced to move can be *huge*.

I plan to play around with dropping AS at some point too, to pick up EM to supercharge my HTT for specific burst-healing moments. I'm sure there will be certain fights where that's superior to constant +5% Haste.

One thing I will mention about the OP's Haste - s/he isn't actually *hitting* the Haste breakpoint s/he is aiming for (the 3764 breakpoint with AS and +5% spell haste buff for 2 extra ticks of HST, which also confers 1 extra tick of HTT). Either invest more into Haste so you're well above the 3764 breakpoint (which, since it's a totem breakpoint, it's crucial that you overshoot) or drop as much Haste as you can (the breakpoint below 3764 is 871, and it's for Earthliving Weapon, which interacts reliably with Haste so you don't need to overshoot it, though in practice it's likely impossible to reforge out of enough Haste to hit 871 on the nose), including being sure to take EM over AS in the talent tree (then macro EM to HTT and possibly Ascendance).

edit: something else I wanted to say is that every resto shaman should consider aiming to overshoot (lol) HST breakpoints once they get their T15 2pc.
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