Should they be enslaved by humans again, when we kill Garrosh? It would seem no matter how much an Orc cries innocence, they never really learn, and keep going down the path of insanity or madness, when they are not kept in check. Garrosh for example, was nothing like the insane warmonger he is today when he was not affiliated with the Horde. However, when Thrall gradually lent him more and more power, eventually to leader of the Horde, he became what he is today.

When the Orcs were generously enslaved by humans, they were seen to be a rather quiet, and even peaceful race. So what I propose is not enslaving them like total animals, but what if after Garrosh's demise, humans now occupied all Orc land, to always keep them in line? They would not be put in camps or executed (unless defiant), but would constantly be under the oppression of humanity. When they are needed to fight against a menace like the Legion, then they could be totally freed to assist, and eventually put back under watch when the threat is averted.

All in all, discuss your opinions on this proposition.