Help me decide what healer to play

90 Pandaren Monk
Hello general forums peoples!

When MoP was released, I returned to playing World of Warcraft after about a year break. I am an avid PvPer and loved playing my disc priest in arenas during Cata.

I love healing. With monk being the new class, I thought, "Eh, might a well as give Mistweaver a try". To break it down in in six words, I love it, I hate it. What I love about Mistweavers is that we bring so much utility to a battleground or arena, including our burst healing. However, what I hate about Mistweavers is that I go oom way too fast! It seems as if my laser beam heal creates a beacon on me that says "Kill me, I'm a healer!". Also with one of our main heals being a channeling spell, it seems as if it's easier to silence me. :(

I already factored out not playing a druid. Not a big fan of their hots and mobility.

How are holy pallies and resto shammies? I don't think I'll ever play my disc priest again so that's out of the equation also.

Thanks a lot guys.
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04/03/2013 10:58 PMPosted by Loratabb
How are holy pallies and resto shammies?

Pallys can put out more absorbs than i do as disc at times if they are well geared. ( sarcasm if you cant tell But there mastery is op )They are the flavor of the month healer. Plus they scal exceedingly well. Pallys are arguably again the best tank healer ATM. Its only going to get better for pallys unless they are nerfed in 5.3 due to scaling

Shamans just got over buffed but i cant say it really helped them or not. But Shamans bring some of the best utility to a raid. Spirit link mana tide healing tide lust. I used to run with a shaman in 5.1. They are very OP at least to me if no one else.

i wouldnt really call them flavor of the month as they have been a VERY strong healer since like mid cata, nor did they get any named buffs in the last patch (although they did modify mastery bubble to build off more of their spells now). part of the main problem they have is the t14 4pc, the reduction to holy shock's cooldown drastically helps their healing. hs builds hp, hp can be spent on EF/WoG, EF upkeeps and causes mini mastery bubbles. so when paladins start shedding t15, they will be slightly dropping EF and mastery healing... all that said, i do think paladins mastery bubble could use a slight nerf with scaling

def try holy paladins out, they bring a ton of utility to any group and have amazing instant heals.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Holy pallies are weak ATM due to wizards ruling the ladder, your choice is rsham, they bring the most of all healers, and are the most op hands down. You see the ladder full of rshams for a reason

I've heard we're supposed to be good in RBG's, even after they decided we couldn't toss out totems while silenced. We bring a lot of versatility and I can also see where our Mastery could very well turn a fight around.

I haven't done any PvP with my Shammy this expansion but I'm seriously tempted too.

H Pally's have been good since, as someone stated, about mid-Cata. They've been in a good place for a while and I don't see any huge nerfs coming up soon for them which makes them a stable class to devote time too. The only bad thing with Pally's that I've found over the years is that many skills can be dispelled/stolen which makes it annoying at times. Nothing like fighting a Mage, forgetting what you are doing and having them steal your wings (spell steal needs a serious CD and this is coming from someone who's had a Mage since I've started playing).
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