Form a Co-Op of guilds.

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Lets face it, it is mid-expansion. If you are not currently in one of the top 5 raiding guilds by now, you probably aren't going to be unless you personally know someone there. I think a lot of us are in this position. We are good raiders and have had success in the past, but for a number of reasons your guild has been slow to progress this expansion and it leaves you wanting more. However most of the top guilds already have their core team set so you are left twiddling your thumbs not knowing what to do with yourself.

This is the situation I, and my guild is in and I imagine I am not alone. People love their guilds and dont want to leave and start over at the bottom of another guild that may be even worse then the one they left. So your stuck doing LFR and grinding valor and hoping something will get better.

Our guild right now has a lot of decent raiders, and in our prime college years with lots of time on our hands we probably could have been a contender for top 5 on server. However life, jobs, kids, vacations, etc now get in the way and if we have 1-2 raiders out we find that we cant raid, much less progress. I am thinking there has got to be another guild out there in that same situation.

So what I am looking for another or 2 or 3 or 4 on server in the same situation who want to partner with to ensure that we can raid at least three times a week. It doesnt have to be formal, just a informal arrangement between the co-op of guilds to be able to draw from a pool of players instead of spamming trade for pugs. You dont have to quit your guild but if you find your guild needs 1-2 players to raid, or if another guild needs the same you can join them so that you can get in your 3x a week.

I know it might be a lofty goal here, and maybe its impossible. However recruiting is very hard these days and its not likely to get any better. Unless you are pretty far progressed into Throne by now your recruiting options are limited at best.

Ominous Latin Phrase is a guild that has very good players, but often has to cancel raids cuz we are a healer or tank or both down. Thus we havent progressed as far as we might have a few years ago. We like many others have gotten Jin'Rokh down but thats about it in Throne and still want to clear Heart and TOES.

So if your guild is in a similar situation, if you have good raiders but have been left behind because things completely out of your control and would like to progress without leaving your guild then maybe this co-op guild thing can work. So you guild leaders and raid leaders out there please send me a tell in game and maybe..maybe we can just get something going that helps all involved.
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Cass had a similar idea to help save the server. Interested GMs share a channel to look for raiders on low attendance nights. A handful of GMs are in the channel and everyone has been helpful. I'll mail you the info in game.
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