Hello everyone,

I recently returned to WoW after a break and am now working night shift so I primarily play during the mid-morning to mid-afternoon on weekdays and no set times on weekends just whenever I'm not doing faimly stuff. Saying that...

I don't know of or just haven't noticed any kind of guild that is a home for those of us working night shift on Winterhoof. I have a level four guild and would like to find some people similar to my situation to do guild achievements, heriocs runs, maybe even raid if we get the people (my raid experience is limited to LFR for the most part), and generally have some people to chill and hang out with. I have no aspirations of being the biggest or baddest guild out there. Just would like to have a no pressure guild for those of us who enjoy WoW on our off time when we have it.

So if you primarily play during the day on weekdays or on weekends and would like some company, hit me up, you can message Yez, Anugol, or Aunarn.