Hey Y'all :)
<Forged Blades Of Justice> is now recruiting active, social, friendly members to join it's ranks. We're a bunch of fun loving friends that have played together for years, but don't have enough active members for our liking!

We're currently lvl 23, and beginning to put together a core 10 man group. We're quite helpful, and will gear/gem/chant you accordingly, as well as talk your face off as long as you do the same to us :)

A little info about us:
- Näräin and I originally founded the guild in December, 2012.
- Together, we have over 7 years of experience playing around in Azeroth, and beating
Dragons faces in!
- We're currently a LVL23 guild, and want you to help us unlock all the shiny stuff at 25!
- Labeled as a "mature" guild. So, we have that kind of "banter."
- We run H's, Will help you VP Cap, World Bosses, and have been doing MSV10 Runs for
the past 2 weeks.
- Moving into HMSV10 and HoF10 very soon.
- Accepting of ALL levels/classes/races.
- We love people! So get your caboose's in here!

Contact Info:
If you have any questions at all, PST Amarai, Kallinah, Amaliyah, Näräin, or Narlock.

We hope to see y'all soon! :D