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I've recently come back to healing in the discipline spec on my priest (haven't done much since Wrath) and am having some issues that I'd like to ask for some advice about. Currently I'm running some battlegrounds to try and get some decent enough gear to go elsewhere. One of the top issues I'm having is trouble with managing targets. I've tried using addons like VuhDo for PVE but can't find something with it that suits easy playability in PVP. So I've gone back to Blizzard default frames for battlegrounds. I've also been using Tidy Plates for easier targeting but quite honestly it's difficult to do with so much information on the screen with pets, snares, etc. This pic for example:

On top of that all the plates just hop around so quick it's difficult to click on anyone. Should I be doing something different?

I'd like to get better at managing these issues but don't know what to do if there's better addons for instance or some other way to make things a bit easier.

I do get frustrated with healing on the priest because it seems everything I do heals for so little it makes hardly any difference vs. anyone else especially with their aoe healing spells. But those are gameplay things I'm sure will improve with gear and time.

Any other general advice, or helpful addons or hints for a noobish pvp healer?
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If would help if you posted on your priest :)

As far as tidy plates is concerned, you can make it so it doesn't display people's pets (I use it for pvp as well). It's controlled in the interface of WoW under Names, just uncheck anything you don't want to see (such as pets etc). I use tidy plates personally to keep track of debuffs on the enemy targets such as my cyclone or a stun. I also use VuhDo to heal with.

And by clicking do you mean clicking on enemies or clicking on those that are on your team?
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It's tough to have a super-clean UI in a 40-man BG, but, like Vero said, if you remove the pet health bars, that would clean up half of the clutter in that screen shot.

As I understand it, your heals are going to feel weak until you have PvP gear, assuming you are 90. This just takes time, and perhaps, patience.

As a healer, I am well aware of how nameplates jump all over the place in a scrum. I am sure that most people that PvP frequently are also aware of this, and like me, they move so that it happens as often as possible. I don't know of any way to fix or remove this, other than turning off the *unstack* option, but that comes with its own set of problems.

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I'd recommend turning on enemy class colors. All allies will be blue and all enemies will be their class color. This definitely helps when approaching any skirmish since you'll know exactly what you're up against.

Turning off pets and totem bars in a bg really cuts down on the clutter as well.

You definitely want to be targeting allies using the raid frames. I almost never directly target an ally on my screen unless there are only a few people around because the name plates get all jumbled when there are a lot of people close to each other.

Helps to have a self target keybind also. You don't want to have to waste time clicking on your own raid frame when you don't have to.
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Here is what I do

Scroll up = target PM1

Scroll down = target PM2

Copy my talents and glyphs (of course be ready to change for arenas and BGS depending on who you go against)

I only use healbot for bgs.

1 = penance
2 = PWS
3 = PoM
4 = Renew

Make sure you are using them often

Shift +1 = Inner foucs
Shift + 2 = Flash heal

Shift + S = spirit shell
Shift + A = Pain sup

There are more but I will not bore you. This allows me to pay 100% attention to the battle field and what cds and ccs are being used.

I copied all my information and strat off of Sodez. I am currently gearing up as well but he is 2200+ arena disc healer.
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