Looking for a leveling partner

88 Undead Warrior
Hey guys :D
As you might have guessed I'm planning starting a new Pandaren Hunter / Shaman.
Just seeing if there is anyone who would want to level with me because I hate solo questing with a passsion. Thinking of going Alliance but Horde's good as well just thought Alliance for a change. I'm lonely and I don't make much noise, love me please..
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90 Human Hunter
I'm currently levelling a Pandaran Disc Priest, but he's lvl 50 atm. I will likely start a new toon, but not till the priest hits around 85. And I can only normally level 1 to 2 nights a week becuase of all the other stuff I do on the 90's, so it will be a while before I hit 85 with the Priest.

But if you do level a new toon, and are Ally, and when you get closer to the level of my priest, I'll do some questing with ya. I prefer to bg to level, but I also don't mind questing.

Just post on the forums as your toon levels if you are interested. Sorry I can't help with your new toon just now. Timing just doesn't suit.

Good luck with it.
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88 Undead Warrior
I think I may have a 57 Druid in my character list somewhere, Night Elf. He's specced resto. So I suppose I could level him, he's just sitting there doing nothing at all really :p
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90 Pandaren Priest
If ur interested, friend me and when I hit 55ish, we can do some questing / bg's. Normally I level this panda Sunday and/or Monday nights, but quite late server time unfortunately. But if ur on either of those 2 nights, normally between 1:00am to 3:00am server time, you'll have a cool panda priest and panda mage to roll with :)

Gained 2 levels last night just from a few quests and bg's. I really love bg'ing to level. Let me know the name of your druid also if the times suit.
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