hey all,

9/12 on my old main before I took a break from raiding around 3 weeks ago. I can only raid on sundays/mondays/wednesdays from 8:30-1130/12:00

some tuesdays/thursdays but not guaranteed and only from 10ish-12

only looking for 10 man

I understand these times are very specific so I'll gladly play a back up roll for any 10 man guild if thats what it comes to.

Tons of heroic raiding experience in my past. 16/16 8/16 heroic 25 man MSV/HoF/ToES, Firelord, 7/8 HM DS, 6/11 HM t11, 11/12 ICC 25 HM

Whisper/mail me in game or leave something here.