Last Night at the Blue Recluse

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The worgen began to growl.

“Here he goes again,” sighed Azzy.

The warrior beside her looked resigned.

“This is getting old. Perhaps we should take away his ale.”

“Agreed. It seems to be aggravating the beast within Inkor. Besides, did you hear him a moment ago? He was mumbling to ‘someone’ in the corner of the room.”

Azzy glanced around confirming they were the only people in the bar.

The worgen began to shape shift. In less than a minute he had fully transformed and become feral. The warrior immediately grabbed him by the scruff and slammed him to the ground.

“Inkor! Stop this!” cried Azzy.

The warrior called out to the bartender, “Sorry about this, Joe. I’ll pay for the mess this beast is making.”

The bartender glared at the worgen, then went back to cleaning some glasses.

All eyes turned to the door as a mage entered. The worgen, however, did not look. He was frothing at the mouth as he tried to escape from the warrior’s strong grasp.

It appeared the warrior recognized the mage for he said, “You look familiar. Aren’t you with the Pia Presidium group?”

“Yes, I am,” he replied. He took in the scene and asked, “What is going on here?”

“This worgen cannot seem to control his transformation,” Azzy answered, “He shifts and then runs around like a chicken with its head cut off.”

Inkor growled again. The warrior grabbed the worgen by the shoulders and shook him hard. The jarring movement seemed to bring him to consciousness. He turned back into his human form.

“Please…help me,” Inkor whispered, “I don’t know what’s wrong. I can’t seem to control it.”

“He shape shifts against his will and he talks to people who aren’t there,” Azzy stated.

The warrior looked at the man from Pia.

“Can you help him? Or do you know of someone who can?” he asked.

“Perhaps,” the mage answered.

“I’m not sure anyone can,” Azzy interjected, “Earlier this evening, Inkor and I were at the gazebo where a sermon about the Light was being given. He asked if anyone could cure him, but the priest said the curse cannot be cured.”

The mage frowned slightly.

“Nevertheless, I may be able to find someone. I will return.”

As the mage walked out, both Azzy and the warrior wondered what kind of assistance he would return with. They also hoped the worgen would be able to stay in his human form until the mage returned. Discouragingly, that was not the case. He shape-shifted several times and generally created a ruckus in the interim. In fact, he was still in feral form when the mage returned with a priest.
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“Gentlemen,” the mage nodded as he addressed them.

Azzy frowned as the mage began to speak. Was she really so battle weary that she appeared to be male?

“I have brought a priest. His name is Father Jerome and I believe he can help.”

Azzy and the warrior sighed with relief.

Inkor snapped at the priest and began shouting foul curses. Azzy smacked Inkor on the back of his head and yelled at him for being disrespectful to a man of the cloth. The warrior slammed Inkor to the ground for the twenty-third time that evening.

Azzy wasn’t sure what to expect from the Father. She knew the Light was powerful, but she was just beginning to wield it herself. Azzy only had experience healing injuries with the Light. She had no idea if it could de-curse someone. This situation with Inkor was beyond her training.

Azzy had become lost in thought about the power of the Light, and only started paying attention when she heard the priest begin positing outrageous theories as to the cause of the curse.

“…another possible cause for the curse occurs when you couple with gnomes.”

“What?!” Azzy stared at the priest in astonishment.

“It happens,” Father Jerome nonchalantly replied.

“Don’t you have any incantations or prayers you can use?”

Azzy was still in shock and wasn’t sure which of the men posed that question to the priest. She thought it might have been the mage.
“Why, yes, I suppose I could recite a few words to try to cure him,” Father Jerome replied with confidence.

He began thusly:


“Quod est absurdum!”

“Frequens lavacrum tabidum corpus efficit!”

“Oh!...Errr…sorry…wrong gods.”

Everyone gawked in puzzlement at the priest. The mage was obviously wondering how on earth this incompetent priest made it into the ranks of Pia Presidium.

“Can you help him or not?” Azzy demanded.

The two men from Pia began to argue. The commotion seemed to stir Inkor. He shifted into bear form and tore himself from the warrior’s grasp. He bounded upstairs to the balcony and began throwing dirty plates at the small group below.

The warrior was busy trying to block the airborne porcelain from hitting anyone. Azzy was trying to keep the flying food from sticking to her hair. The mage and priest continued to debate.

“This is an outrage! Did you or did you not put ‘priest’ as your former occupation down on your application for the Pia organization?” shouted the mage.

Inkor was snarling so loudly, Azzy couldn’t hear most of the priest’s response, but it sounded like he said he had been a dishwasher.

“DISHWASHER?!” Azzy was dumbfounded. She turned to face the mage. “You brought us a dishwasher? What did you think he was going to do? Cleanse the curse with a bubble bath?”

The mage was obviously displeased and succinctly told Father Jerome he was fired. The priest/dishwasher maintained that his plan will work. He pulled out a rolled up piece of paper.

“What are you going to do with that? Wrap up Inkor like a Christmas present?” Azzy said with a smirk.

“Of course not. This is how you train dogs. You use a rolled up newspaper and tap their nose,” stated the priest/dishwasher.

Azzy rolled her eyes and looked to the warrior for help. He merely shrugged.

“This is ridiculous.”

Inexplicably, Inkor shape-shifted back into human form and calmly walked down the stairs. Apparently, he had had enough.

“I must go,” he said and walked out of the bar.

“That was odd,” said the warrior.

“And rather anticlimactic,” Azzy observed.

Realizing his services were no longer needed, the priest/dishwasher left in a hurry. The warrior tried to pay the mage for his assistance, but the mage refused payment and followed Father Jerome out of the building.

Azzy made her way to the bar. She needed a drink. A very strong drink.

((My apologies for the abrupt ending. The scene that played out at the Blue Recluse last night really did end that quickly. This is my first attempt at writing out a role play incident so maybe next time I will create a more embellished ending. ;)

Also, the scene that occurred was only my third attempt at role play. Thank you to those who were there for being tolerant of my newbishness. You were all so imaginative! The priest/dishwasher was absolutely hilarious and the reason I chose to post this.))
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((Ha, I love it. Ah yes, we are so blessed to have Tom and Jerome. *rolls eyes*

You did great. This was hilarious. That probably wasn't what you were going for, but what fun roleplay. Welcome to rp and CC if appropriate. I haven't met you yet. I hope you continue to post.))
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((Hi, Gentyl. Yes, I am very new to rp and somewhat new to CC. I started a character here late last summer during my end of Cataclysm/Dragon Soul raiding burn out phase. I only had one chance to role play back then before I got distracted by MoP. However, I would like to make a little more effort this time around. Hence, my post here.

I'm glad you liked it. And, yes, I will probably post again. In fact, I already have an idea on how to retell the story of my priest's first visit to Stormwind. It probably won't be as humorous as this one was, though. Well...the ending might be. ;-)

I hope to meet you soon, in game. Perhaps at Pia's Bless the Beast event.))
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