Moon Guard?

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I've been researching RP severs and several people have said 'anywhere but Moon Guard.' Why is that? Is the community there elite RP snobs? Or is it just the horror that is ERP Goldshire?
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While ERP is a bad reputation, there are other reasons why some RP folks dislike Moon Guard. Complaints I've heard from players on Moon Guard (and Wrymrest Accord to a lesser extent as its another high pop server) is that there are lots of bads. Vampires, demons, nekojin (cat girls), nobles, gods, powergamers, godmoders, rules lawyers, people with no respect for canon and things considered by many to be poor form.

With a larger population comes a larger population of bads, it's possible the proportion of bads is the same. It's also possible that the bads congregate and validate themselves and each other in a form of supportive circle-jerk instead of getting laughed off the server for being bad.

There are several vocal moon guard players forumwise (active outside of the moon guard forums) that advocate things that are technically enablers and encouragers to poor practices. In some past situations these folks gang up on and force their opinions on others using numbers and peer pressure. There is also a distinct lack of people from the server telling said vocal individuals to shut up and stop being bad. (They're doing the RP equivalent of standing in fire.)

I'm sure good players exist there too, it's just a mixed bag.

I could give specific examples but I don't want to mention names on the forums lest we deal with enraged frothing legions of circlejerking fanbads. You can contact me in game and I'll give you a wiki link. (Its made even non-rpers go "What's this I don't even".)

If you don't care about lore and will rp with just about anyone and want rp all the time then a high pop server is the way to go. If you want a stricter conformance to lore and do other things aside from just rp constantly you may find smaller servers more rewarding.
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All of what Leiah said, pretty much.

From what I've seen/heard, most of the ERP is confined to Goldshire, so I don't see why people make such a fuss over it. Although I have had my fair share of bad experiences with MG RPers.

04/10/2013 02:10 AMPosted by Leiah
There are several vocal moon guard players forumwise (active outside of the moon guard forums) that advocate things that are technically enablers and encouragers to poor practices. In some past situations these folks gang up on and force their opinions on others using numbers and peer pressure.

...this being one of them. I've also seen pleeenty of elitists, especially ever since CRZs were added. Apparently they don't want other servers' "filth" ruining their perfect server. And the very few times I've server-hopped (grouped with an MG person and hung out there) I've gotten shooed and told I was somehow ruining their experience.

But I also know a lot of good MG RPers. If you're willing to put up with more 'baddies', then MG and other high pop servers are great if you want constantly active RP. If you're picky, smaller's the way to go. Just as Leiah said.
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Moon Guard does have its downsides. As someone who's been on the server since middle of Wrath I have seen the worst but I have also seen the best. Role Play is pretty good but I am being pretty biased I suppose. Alas, there are those who make the server look bad ranging from Goldshire to notorious trolls...
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Alas, there are those who make the server look bad ranging from Goldshire to notorious trolls...

I don't think the people I have in mind are ERPers or trolls, simply loud, ethically unsound players. Rules lawyer types. Like jackhammering outlandish ideas into what they claim are grey areas because nothing specifically says otherwise (except common sense).

The folks I'm thinking of probably couldn't RP their way out of a wet paper bag.... without declaring themselves nobles who are also archmagi with the power to dissolve wet paper because nowhere in lore does it say they can't be wetpaperbagmancers.

While I suppose there might be decent players on moonguard I can't take the server seriously with rules lawyers gone wild on the WET forums with no one contradicting them and people like the queen (see the page: of lordaeron, who is a human, running around.
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Oh goodness I remember her. One of the most condescending RPers I've ever met. Not a pleasant experience. I've actually considered switching to MG before, but that thread about knowing NPC/lore characters with her in it reminded me why I'm here.
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I'm still here because I'm a cheap RP elitist with 16 characters and I'm not paying hundreds to move my toons to play with people that are not only bad at the game, but bad at RP too.

I'd rather RP with a few good players than a sea of crappy ones.
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I don't get all the bad press that moon guard gets. If you like ERP, there is Goldshire and to some similar extend, silvermoon city on the horde side. If you don't like ERP, then stay away from those areas and you are fine.

As for RP'ing according to lore... I'm not an RP'er. But I highly doubt that a significant share of the population won't keep you from RP'ing according to how you see fit. I ended up on moon guard because I had real life friends on that realm. I get why people like to RP... more power to all of you folks. But for people to complain that RP here or there is not good... I think that is a generalized perception. I'm not sure how anybody can grade rp on any particular server. Unlike raiding and pvp statistics, there really is no realiable way of saying RP is good or bad on any particular realm.

On a final note, I came from Emerald Dream and routinely enjoyed crashing RP events. It is a PVP-RP server... and if you are RP'ing in some level 15 clothes... then more power to you and an easy kill for me. ROFL.
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I used to play on Argent Dawn, when I came back I started up on moonguard, not knowing of its reputation.

Moonguard has the most RP I've seen out of any realm. However, the problem is indeed there are a lot of bad RPers too, but like goldshire they tend to find someplace to stick together, and then stay out of everyone's way. They don't want to hear anyone say how dumb their neko vampire lich king is.

I've been on my AD rogue trying to get mounts, since he has all the old reputation. ( I was hacked so all his gold is gone too.) And AD feels very, very dead compared to Moonguard.

Basically what I am saying, is don't write it off on rumors. With a big crowd, you get more RP, more good RP, and more crap RP to hack your way through to find the good stuff.
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I blame Goldshire's filth and the trolls for this server's resent and critism. It is awful that this server has made people accuse innocent players of associating with the notorious Goldshire just for playing on this realm. Goldshire has ruined Moon Guard's reputation badly.
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(I'm typing this on a smartphone, I apologize for any errors!)

Hi there! It's actual very unfortunate that us Moon Guardians seem to have a bad stigma amongst other realms, and I will be the FIRST and LAST to tell you that Moon Guard is a beautiful, beautiful server. Sure, we've our silly flaws, our imperfections, and some bad people. But overall, the community is one of the friendliest and most tight knit I've ever been amongst.

Yes, we have a bad plague of ERP, but that problem decreases when you work into the innards of our community. Roleplay here is dense. Very dense. Our view of lore here, and additional fanon that builds on this lore is extremely well done. Actually, it's beautifully done and I'm proud to call myself a Moon Guardian.

Our community has a wikia, a wide array of successful guilds, some very notable role play ideals, and some very joyous unity. We are a family. And we're a very good family at that.

You cannot judge this server if you've never been here, if you're going on rumors: Don't. The rumors are mainly exaggerations of the happenings in the bad side of our community. And I feel bad for anyone that actually believes such rumors.

You want to know what it's like on Moon Guard? Join us. Stay for a few years. You'll fall in love.
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