if Holy paladin PvP damage is too high

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This is a suggestion that's been made before, but I figure that it's worth suggesting it again---albeit for a new purpose.

I don't PvP myself, but I've heard that holy paladins are dealing quite a bit of damage in PvP. I kind of like my damage output for soloing, but...well, here's my suggestion: if holy paladins' damage output is more than a healer ought to have, or maybe it's coming too quickly, then what if Denounce was changed to work with seals, and then some of the damage from Denounce and/or Holy Shock were instead rebalanced into Censure?

Here's the idea: if a Holy paladin had to get Censure to 5 stacks before that damage output really started to show (and if Denounce applied Censure when Seal of Truth was active), then there'd be some ramp-up time for the Holy paladin to get his damage going. In solo play and questing, this would mean about the same DPS overall. In PvP, this would mean it would take about 5 global cooldowns to get any solid damage going---i.e. it wouldn't happen very often.

Also, if seals were tied into Denounce, there would be other bonuses for solo play. For instance, if Seal of Righteousness caused Denounce to be some kind of AoE attack, that would be very helpful for leveling or for solo situations where you're mobbed by lots of small enemies with low health (like versus the piles of rancid meat in the Isle of Thunder dailies).

It's a thought, and it might or might not be necessary, but I figure it's worth putting out here.
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Hey Longwriter. Just wanna add my two-cents :) A lot of people complain about Holy Pallys doing too much damage. But the situation is as such that they sacrifice significant healing to do so. Giving up a large share of Holy Shock healing (the quickest, cheapest, most powerful heal when all is considered), as well as all the healing from Holy Power in order to trade for Harsh Words is the trade that Holy Shock Pallys make. It significantly reduces our survivability simply on its own. And we get no bonus from PvP power for damage. I just think the people getting blasted by Holy Pallys don't "like" the idea. Frankly, I'm pretty fed up with DPS classes having SO much self-healing abilities, that seems to be trending higher and higher. Holy Shock is a non-optimal "quasi-spec" as it is, and really the people playing it are doing so because it's a fun change. It's a full on commitment though for those who play it, and you really have to do it well to make it be a solid match up against another DPS class that is optimized. The advantages like ranged attack and high crit chances are the main balancing factors. Frankly, I'd love to see Blizz give it back a little MORE punch. But if they are going to continue the current trend of DPS classes like Warlocks having REALLY significant healing utility (way more than a Ret Pally, for example, which as a Paladin SHOULD have some decent self-healing), then I say let the complainers about Holy Pallys complain. You have to really work hard to make Holy Shockadins a solid match. And frankly it's the ONLY way for us to quest and handle hard bosses solo without taking (literally) 5 to 10 times longer to kill things. I do love the spec... it's a lot of fun! But it's definitely not OP in any way. I say spend our effort getting Blizz to balance out the ACTUALLY op DPS classes right now like Destruction Locks and Blood DKs. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts though :) Have a great day!
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