The Issues with Hunters in 25 Man Raids!

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My main is a hunter. Relatively geared with BiS non Heroic + Heroic Gear. My question is why bring a hunter to raids, especially 25man Raids, this raid tier or for any raid tier?

Now hunters are not broken. It doesn't take amazing players to clear heroic content it just takes time and gearing the raid up. WoW raiding content isn't really that hard its just the dps race in the first couple of weeks were guilds push themselves to get world and realm first kills. Hunters will and always have spots in 25man raids and the only people to really compete against is other hunters in your raid due to boss mechanics and a host of other variables. But....

Hunters have no way to top the damage meters in raids when playing with even skill level players and evenly geared. Their aoe potential is great, but there are other classes including hybrids who will out damage them on aoe boss fights.

A hunter is a Pure DPS class. All 3 Specs are for DPS. We don't have anything else we can do besides range dps in raids. The tax on hybrid classes to not outd amage pure dps classes has gone out the window many xpacs ago. We are but a few of the pure dps classes in the games and equal geared and skilled hybrids will beat us on damage and can do so much more.

All a hunter provides to a raid boss fight is raid buffs, albeit good ones in 10man to fill gaps, but in 25man almost every raid buff and debuff is in the raid and a hunter has nothing to offer. We have no aoe healing abilities, stampeding roar, we can't even spot heal if a healer dies, no aoe heals, absolutely nothing we can bring to a raid besides DPS and almost all other classes can beat us be it hybrid or not. If you need proof look at world of logs where Hunters rarly, rarly rank in top 100 in 25man normal or heroic. This is the top of the top geared and skilled pvers. It is as fair of a sample anyone can use, all these players are min maxing and taking full advantage to put out as much dps on every fight.

So what do we need to fix our class? It is not as easy as it sounds, PvP is also a part of the game which effects us. Readiness needs to be removed. It makes our cooldowns not powerful when we need them and messes up a lot of timing on boss fights. Having sub standard cooldowns for pve because we can reset them and use them again is mainly a pvp thing.

Buff all of our shots for increased damage. I will not go into great deal but our abilities do not scale as well with gear as most classes due to their mechanics. Mastery is useless for all 3 hunter specs. Mastery needs to provide more of a % increase than it currently does to make it not completely useless. Our tier bonuses also are not as great as most classes.

All in all the major issues with Hunters is the need to balance for pve and pvp. It is very hard to balance them for both situations so blizzard is content with keeping them sub par.

Equal skill and geared players including hybrids will out damage hunters in pve content.
Hunter provides no raid utility in 25man raids.
Readiness and the need to balance hunters for pvp make them a subpar dps class for 25mans.
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90 Human Mage
No one would leave a good player playing a hunter out of a raid. They do good damage and have tremendous utility. Any guild that would sit you just for your class is not one you should want to be part of anyway.
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90 Orc Hunter
No one would leave a good player playing a hunter out of a raid. They do good damage and have tremendous utility. Any guild that would sit you just for your class is not one you should want to be part of anyway.

while i disagree with the OP, i'm almost tempted to write up a story about my times raiding Top 25 US during dragon soul and my experiences with pre-nerf spine just to prove you wrong.
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