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90 Human Death Knight
Ok, sticking my neck out here again :D

Following up from this thread, someone has to step up to the plate and since I'm the one who said it, then it will be me.

Problem: Not enough "quality" raiders to go around.

Possible Solution: We might have a pool of people willing to learn who are not quite ready for prime time.

I read a post on the forums where someone mentioned they have a guild just for training raiders. Winterhoof isn't big enough for Raider Training Academy, so what I propose is Raiders in Training.

You might have people in your guild who would like to raid but don't meet whatever criteria you have, or have a spot for them.

Maybe you need tanks/healers for your raid and can't find any, but you have someone in your guild willing to gear up and learn.

Perhaps you have a person in your guild with leadership qualities who would like to learn how to lead a raid.

If all someone needs is to gear up, learn their class/offspec and get some experience in a raid environment then why not have a raid group just to do the job?

No one has to leave their guild. In fact, I would expect people to take the skills they learn back to their guild to help their guild.

No progression pressure because it's for raid training - everyone is on the same page, everyone is going to make mistakes, wiping on bosses isn't a "failure" - it's an opportunity. Everyone learns together, everyone learns to work in a group.

So...who is going to get this started and handle all the administration, coordination and paperwork?

Yours truely.

If this sounds like something interesting that could work then have your GL or interested players contact me in game and we'll take it from there and make a plan.

Now no one can say Winterhoof is dead because no one bothered to try :D
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80 Night Elf Priest
sounds good. makes me wish I kept my warrior here and possibly faction change to alliance. i don't have the patience anymore to lvl another toon to 90 even though i like this toon lol. sounds like a good idea though. Funny after seeing someone posted in general discussion this morning about if anybody has a guild for raid training I see this :D
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90 Human Death Knight
As I said, Winterhoof doesn't have the population to support a Raider Training guild because those that would have the expertise to do so are probably more interested in raiding than training.

My "target audience" are people who want to learn a new spec/offspec and get some raid experience without the progression pressure so when they are ready they can help their guild with progression.

By necessity, it won't be a "just show up and do what you're told" environment because part of being a skilled and valuable raider is knowing how to do a bit of research yourself ;)

It's also not a mentoring program - guilds should be responsible to their members for that to support their Raider in Training.

What I'm proposing is creating the venue and organization so potential raiders have the opportunity to learn their roles and practice their skills in a non-competitive supporting environment.
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90 Night Elf Warrior
Sounds like a Great plan, if you have room when I come back I wouldn't mind helping out. The community is World of Warcraft
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90 Human Rogue
I would be willing to fill a slot if you every need it. I will also be able to send some people your way, PST me in game or I'll try and PST when your on. Hopefully you will be the answer to the problem that has been plaguing me the last few days.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
Depending on when you're looking to run them, I'm interested. I have late night availability consistantly open... say around 10 server. Too much earlier than that and I'd be hit or miss but would fill a spot if I'm on. I've healed and dps'd normal raiding off and on since Wrath (clearly not on this toon), I'd like to give raid tanking a shot. I may be able to pull a couple dpsers in as well.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Feel free to send any Resto Druids my way. I'll help as I have time.
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90 Human Paladin
Sounds good let me know if i can help
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90 Pandaren Monk
So you want to start PUG raids and just go as far as the group can?

Your idea sounds awesome and I would be willing to fill in a healer spot if you need me. I am rather patient 'cause I have been in many raid wipes and still have the determination to defeat the boss.
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90 Human Death Knight
Sorry I haven't checked back sooner (yeah, work) but I really would like to get this going. I've got a shadow priest dps but to be honest I'd much rather try tanking with this DK.

I know I don't have the "proper" gear yet but I'm working on it.

So...I can tank or more realistically off-tank (been studying up on the fights but ya know reading about it isn't doing it.)

Times: I'm available every evening (yeah, no life lol) and just about anytime during the day or evening on the weekends.

I was going to post something in Trade all know how well that would go.

My hope is that we can pull together a "core" (loosely defined, of course) group interested in raiding and learning the ropes, swapping out roles if people are interested in learning a new class, and well...just have fun with no progression pressure.

Send me an in-game mail to this character with your preferred days/times, role you would like to play, and spread the word to your guildies.

No one has to quit their guild - this is for people who want to raid and don't have a raid spot, not quite ready for prime time, or don't want to spend forever spamming Trade Chat for an opportunity to do something.
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