Iron qon, how often does he gain rising anger

90 Troll Priest
My guild just reached Iron Qon, and with a few shots at him I'm sure we will have him down before the reset. But my concern is with the final phase, I don't want to get there and see how the damage is then make a plan for healing CDs, I'm hopeful by the time we reach there we will kill him.
So the primary question is the name of the thread, so I understand how the fist smash damage ramps up. Is it after every fist smash? Or is it on its own CD?
Thanks if you can help.
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90 Draenei Monk
The final phase is pretty much a "gimme" - once you get to it, you should have the kill as long as your dps is on track. The healing check is really not anything compared to the dps check of beating the enrage.

I don't know how quickly his damage ramps up, but imo start thinking about CDs when he hits execute range or something. It's pretty easy to eyeball the damage - it doesn't ramp up really fast - then just call for specific CDs. He'll enrage before his fist smashes are truly deadly.

Also you can use 2 heroisms on this fight.

I am speaking from a 25man PoV though, so I'm not sure if things are vastly different on 10.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
The first phase is the only real hard part. The tornadoes can be bad if y'all are slow at getting out, but not too bad. Really the final phase is getting yor healers to relax and use their cooldowns ONE at a time so that you have enough. Start with weaker personals like hpally wings and work your way up to barrier/hymn. By the time you're out of cds (even 2 healing with any sort of comp) you should have a kill or at least be really close.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Damage ramps up after every smash.

The 1st 3 smashes are no biggie. Its the 4th and on you need a cd. SS at the end of the 3rd and it will be up for the 4th allowing you to shield everyone for the 5th with barrier 6th if you get it is personal CD's with devo for us..

But if people are doing there jobs and dotting him up in between mounts he should be sub 100 million or close. Plus you will get to lust again so 100 million will go really quick.

If you dont have good dot classes or people are not laying into him during transitions you may get more than 6 smashes that may be a problem. CD wise.
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14 Night Elf Druid
Prenerf it was pretty brutal, he would gain a stack every 5-10 seconds or so. By the 4th smash he was doing over half of every raid member's hp per tick and we couldn't cd the earlier ones since the later ones literally globaled people.
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