Looking for Decent Folks for KOMD

I am looking for a folks to repopulate KOMD - all are welcome - but these are guild requirements period

Casual, Raiders and Hardcore are welcome
No drama - if you find yourself always griefing and causing problems - and a person that lacks integrity - please do not apply - we are looking for decent folks that enjoy the game and have a healthy life balance

All levels welcome

If problems arrive, willing to talk like adults without throwing a temper tantrum and just gquit (Once again drama - without any thought or consideration for folks)

Rules for Casual and Raiders are different - Raiders are held to a higher standard than casuals and should keep raid leaders informed if they can't attend.

The reason why I am trying to repopulate the guild with decent folks, who are scattered on Lothar (whether Alliance or Horde) is because I am planning to leave the game and one of my responsibilities was to lead the guild and rebuild it - which has not been easy.

Been around server for a while and loved the original Council of Thrones structure, but there are not enough consistent players to maintain that this xpac and a lot of people I've know have left the game. My goal to insure the livelihood of the guild, keep it going and sift through potential officers to lead and rotate GM without having a power trip.
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90 Dwarf Warrior
Rage, Contact me in game, want to catch up with you.
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100 Orc Shaman
Sad to see anyone leaving the game. Now that the Xpac is going on 8 + months I think people will start to see people drift away for awile.

Maintaining guilds on Lothar is very difficult. Population has been declining for a long time, with few new people randomly choosing the server unless they have RL friends here. Most strangers say the economy here is broken which doesn't help...so that leaves Guilds cannabilizing each other for survival. If you are struggling to attract people and know you are leaving, you might want to find a decent guild who would take your people in a merge

Good luck!
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Vilhelm and Deth - thanks for the response. Don't get me wrong, there are still some good folks on Lothar - they are just in other guilds. I have no problem handing guild leadership over to folks that are good people period. I know you Vil, Joan and other guys in Grey are cool and mature since I played with you - so I have no problem at all. You can milk all the guild achievements. I will mail you and if you want to get on my mumble or I can pop onto your vent let me know if the info is the same. I would even share our mumble server for you guys to use.

Maintaining a guild since last 2 xpacs has been hard and the fact is a lot of us have grown older with responsibilities with work, family and kids. I promised the last GM I would see the guild off responsibly.

We have casuals in guild that are nice people and just want them under good care. I am not looking for a gold farmer or nasty person to lead, but someone that would steward and care for well being of people in guild, whether casual or progression - 100k in bank is nothing - but it helps as a starter for good folks to lead with.

I've been a person that has gone on missions during my time off - travelling to China, Russia, Uganda, Kenya and looking for local areas here in the US now. I am planning family missions trips with wife and child - want to strengthen my walk with the Lord and focus on advancing in career - but do want to find people that are balanced. I had used this game to help some folks out and steer them in the right direction through relationships. I don't expect new folks to do that, but it has been a relational game for me overall.

I would love to have a few people lead the guild, not just one, and keep it up - but not at the cost of their personal lives and real life achievements.
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100 Orc Shaman
If yall were horde I'd take you in :)
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