[H] Super Smash Brothers - LFM 10 man casual

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Super Smash Brothers is a small guild who have just transferred here to Deathwing. I am Zoya - some of you know me as Whyse on my resto druid back in the Wrath days. To me this is a coming home to retire. I've brought a few of my trusted friends. We want to build SSB's as a serious-causal guild. That doesn't mean we don't want to experience the end game before its obsolete.

We have all played at a high level at some point, but we must succumb to our every day adult lives. Taxes are Hell. If you are related to Deval Patrick IRL please tell him Taxachusetts is at her limit. Deval do you understand the phrase "Slave Labor?" But I degress...

Anyway. We are casual - but after having played with some hardcore guilds we tend to expect players to be ready to raid. Especially since we won't be raiding as much as the progression guilds. We need to make the most out of the time we have.

Our tentative schedule is Tuesday & Sunday. We are shooting for 6-8 hrs per week with raids running 8pm server/10pm EST to 11pm server/1am EST.

Please contact me on Zoya or Koyana or our recruiting/raid leader Chaosfrenzy.

Causals/Perks are also welcome, if you just need a place to hang. We hope to have small group things going on - 5 mans, RBGs, arenas, etc.

Thanks - "Z" /Whyse

Edited by Zoya on 4/8/2013 4:55 PM PDT
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Welcome (or rather welcome back) to DW!
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Thanks Gummy! Great to be back. Had a nice ToT run this morning with Loose Cannon! Great group of folks! Although DW always had the best pick up group community in WoW imho!

PS... Fraya, You need to log in and give me a proper /HUG! We need to continue our discussion of the sexiest food. Strawberrys vs. Cheeseburgers :) Miss you guys tons!
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