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Our Current Raid Time is T, W, Th from 7-10 Server.
We need DPS who con consistently commit to all 3 days (preferably with Healing or Tanking Offspec)

We are also interested in starting another team at a time that can be set based on the needs of the members of that team.
This is a good place and I encourage folks to talk to us who are new to raiding and would like to taking the Looking For Raid training wheels off, but anyone interested is encouraged to apply!

Must greater detail below:

Currently Raiding

Solitude currently has one 10-man team raiding Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7 to 10 PM server time(Pacific Time Zone).

Our raid has completed MSV and use it for training and gearing new or inexperienced players. We have completed 5/6 in Heart of Fear and plan to be working on Empress next.

Solitude's future raiding goals include:

Defeat Grand Empress Shek'zeer
Explore the first handful of bosses in Throne of Thunder while also working on progression in Terrance of the Endless Spring.
Continue to recruit dependable and active raid members for our team or to start a second team.

Currently Interested in Recruiting

Solitude has an open membership policy in general; however, we are particularly interested in recruiting the following types of players for raiding:

  • DPS players with Healing and Tank offspecs gear for a minimum of Mogushan Vaults who can typically be available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7 to 10 Server.
  • Healing and Tank players who are willing to help work on building a 2nd raid team (raid times can be optional). ~~ Patience Required
  • Any Spec/Class willing to act as Raid Leader for a 2nd raid team (raid times optional) ~~ Significant Patience Likely Required as team is built
  • Players with limited/no raid experience who would like to get involved in raiding:
    • Requires:
    • Willingness to take advice and implement it
    • Work in off time to supplment gear to bring in line with raiding standards (we will advise and assist as much as possible)
    • Patience and more Patience
    • Commitment to 2-3 blocks of 3-4 hours each week either T,W,Th 7-10 or whenever a 2nd Team is scheduled to raid

  • Players who may be available 1 or 2 times a week and would like to act as a Alternate/Standby player (likely maintaining gear parity via Looking For Raid)

Raiding Requirements

Solitude uses Mumble for voice chat. This is required for raiding. You may not be required to speak, but you must be able to listen.

Deadly Boss Mods is HIGHLY encouraged especially for less experienced raiders.

Ability to utilize the ingame calendar in a timely manner is required.