[A]DPS Monk looking for raiding guild

90 Pandaren Monk
I just hit 90 a few hours ago and decided it's time to look for a raiding guild. Of course, over the next few weeks I will be gearing up for raids and I am hoping to use those weeks to settle in.

I'm a fast learner, friendly and rarely get upset. I also like the challenges of achievements, raid or dungeon. I've raided end-game content during Wrath and enjoyed it which is why I'm looking for a guild again. I have looking for raid experience with everything except Throne of Thunder (not on this character of course).

Whether or not you're still doing the raids from 5.0 or just 5.2 doesn't matter. Also, I don't mind light role-play but it is not important.

Currently, my work schedule is mostly weekend nights til 9:30 server-time but I can adjust my hours to whatever your raiding schedule it, it will just take a week or two to take effect.
Overall, I'm looking for a close guild to do Heroic dungeons, achievements and most importantly, 10 or 25-man raiding (the more the merrier!).

Please contact me via this thread or in game. I'm most online after 4PM during the weekdays, after 930PM during the weekends and most of Sunday, however I could be on at any time. Feel free to ask questions or leave a post about your guild and what you as a guild are all about.

Here is a link to my character.

EDIT: I am already part of a guild, but it was just a casual guild for mostly the experience buffs. I'm ready to leave and find a more serious one.
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90 Human Warlock
The only thing I can really say is this: gear.

With the expansion now into its second round of official content, the bulwark of raiding teams have acquired and formed up the ranks they are looking for. This means that most teams are not interested (or able) to linger their progression for the sake of catching a new member up. My suggestions are:

Dailies - even though the initial round of Reputation gear is tiered at 489 iLevel, it will aid you in obtaining access to the Throne of Thunder LFRs, which leads into..
Coins - You should aim to do your Treasure Trove weekly without a miss - collect as many Elder Coins as you can get your hands, paws, claws, or talons on and burn them in the 5.0 LFRs for the best suited upgrades. This means you need to run...
LFR - I always recommend you chain run it so long as you have coins to spend. With the drop chance significantly increased, you should be able to ideally run for the best replacement gear and obtain it, reasonably, within a short time.

Obtaining the gear will be a major step. Some teams are known to "fish" for members (go into Trade and look for them, of which I have done in the past) but with the expansion closing down several raid teams as various conflicts cause relapse in membership, attendence and leadership, it is becoming harder to be recruited: simply put, Raid Leaders are now able to pick and choose who they want. If you don't have the gear, then you aren't likely to find a spot.

Just my thoughts.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
I must admit as a raid leader what Calemaris says is true. There are many guilds and raid teams struggling right now and the ones who are doing good have many people to choose from and try to choose from the best leaving the rest hanging. Hope we can find a way to fix that on the realm
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