Low level heals: help requested

90 Draenei Priest
This is my disc / spriest. Healed a few dungeons so far but am either too clueless to do it right or have had some bad groups...probably both.

Up until now I've been dps, this is my first healer..and I'm well...a little lost so far.

Just did BRD and I have to say it..I HATE that place. We get into the main part, moving down the stairs, I am trying to stay back but cant seem to heal one of the party, keeps saying "out of range". Somehow we muddle though..then the bad part comes.

The room with the coluimns, tank is moving so damned fast I cant keep up, also dodging adds, and lo and behold, yes no one grabbed a torch and the adds keep respawning.

Tank wont slow down so I am trying to keep with them and losing one who, yep, dies owing to LOS, the tank keeps kiting the adds and running round pillars, so here I am desperately spamming flash heal, renew, adding PW-Fort to refresh, trying to keep after them. Hunter is either behind me or off to the right, I see his health going down down...and I cant bloody well see him.

He dies, and because we havent gotten the torch lit, the adds keep respawning..some of them go after me and I die at least twice. We cant also res the dead because "you are in combat"

Normally I can keep up with the gogogo mentality but that place was a major LOS headache. We finish finally..and I am out of there.

All the guides talk about endgame healing, what i cant find so far is a guide to a rotation in 50's-60's range. I tried but cant seem to be able to hold them all up at times. I also use Prayer of Healing as often as I can (just got that one after levelling) and thats sorta what got us to the end.

Can I ask for some quick tips or ideas for the low level stuff? Grid or VuhDo?Healbot?

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90 Blood Elf Priest
There are just some things you'll have to pick up with practice.

- Keeping up with the group: Major key is to stay in range and line of sight of the tank. Some tanks in low-level dungeons (like, it seems, the one you had) are kind of awful about this. You just need to keep an eye on them. Mark them if you need to.

- If you lose DPS due to line of sight, it's their fault. They need to learn not to LoS the healer. Since a tank and a healer can pretty much duo most low-level dungeons, you're better off sticking with the tank and not chasing after rogue DPS.

- Don't worry about staying back. In general, you can stand next to the tank. Move out a few yards (behind the mobs he's fighting) if you're getting cleaved. Move in and stand on the tank if you get adds on you. Positioning yourself this way will also put you in LoS and in range of anyone who's able to hit the mobs the tank is fighting, which means pretty much everyone who's not being completely stupid.

- Prayer of Healing and Atonement will heal through LoS. (So will CoH as Holy.) These heals can also stretch your effective range up to 70 yards. While you shouldn't rely entirely on these tools, they can be useful for healing peple who just refuse to position themselves intelligently.

- Try to practice healing while moving. This will be a huge asset in your WoW career. Even if you don't need to be moving, try to keep moving whenever you're not hardcasting, just to practice the skill.

- Mouseover macros, Clique, Vuhdo, Healbot, etc. can be great - go ahead and try them out. The method with the lowest barrier to entry is Clique, which you can just install and bind a couple of heals and use with the default frames; this might improve your reaction time. However, you might benefit from Vuhdo or Grid2, which can display an arrow on the raid frame of players who are out of range. These will take more setup, though.
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90 Draenei Priest
Kaels, thanks heaps. Makes me feel a little bit better, scared a little on this new role and hope to raid heal when i (finally) get better spells. Prayer of healing is good but the cast is slow..(yeah I know stack haste :p)

Mark them...duhhh me stupid...I will next time. :)

I will have to look up which heals can be cast on the move, that I dont know, or hadnt figured out. My bad.

Whats a mouseover macro..time to find out.

BTW is it just me or is the battlecry for all healers "For Gods sake, slow down..."?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
personally, it sounds like your trying to heal like your holy. Disc is best at healing by using Penance (offensively whenever possible), Power Word Solace (change your tier 3 talent) and smite. as a disc priest any offensive dmg you do with those 3 spells will heal any nearby players who have taken damage. is someone is low throw a shield on them.

Now, hopefully some other priests respond as i myself am not the best at explaining things. For me, i dungeon leveled as Disc and usually topped the dps meters at the same time. if you want to do dmg and heal, Disc is right for you but if you want to cast greater heal and flash heal and such, maybe switch to holy as those are last ditch spells for a Disc priest.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock

Move in and stand on the tank if you get adds on you.

This. When the sh*t gets real, I literally share space with the tank.
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90 Draenei Shaman
My pre-MoP main was a Disc priest, which I still love to play even though I've swapped to this shaman. My advice (Disc-specific as well as general healer) is as follows:

1) Your instant Disc spells are Power Word: Shield, Renew, and Holy Fire/Power Word: Solace.

Additionally, Penance can be glyphed to be cast while you're running! There's a hefty 20% increased mana cost to using the glyph, but I'm not sure if that'll have much impact on you until you hit Cata or even MoP 5mans.

2) *ABSOLUTELY* use your Atonement abilities to heal. Atonement is an amazing tool for lowbie 5mans. As Kaels mentioned, Atonement heals will ignore LoS and be applied to any party member within the 40 yard Atonement range (ie, within 40 yards of the hostile target who's taking the initial damage from your PW:So/HF/Smite/Penance). And yes, *absolutely* start to get experience with using Penance offensively, if you haven't yet. The trick is to start to get a sense of when you should *save* Penance to use as a big direct heal for a player, because each "tick" of offensive Penance can be directed to different players by the game AI. You'd hate to lose your tank because you figured "tank needs a big heal! Offensive Penance to the rescue!" but didn't realize the hunter's pet was on its last leg and one or two of the ticks of its Atonement heal got directed to the pet because the game AI decided in its infinite wisdom that the pet was worse-off than the tank. Then CRUNCH, the big bad boss smushes the tank into jelly before you can take any other action.

#showtooltip Smite
/use [@targettarget] [harm] Smite

A macro formatted like that will cast Smite on *the hostile target* of whichever *player* you have targeted for a heal :) Please note that this will not change the basic nature of Atonement healing - the heal will not be directed to the player you have targeted; the game AI will direct the heal in the same way it would if you targeted the hostile target directly.

The [harm] part means the macro will also enable you to cast Smite on any hostile mob you are actively targeting. Make up a macro like that for Holy Fire as well (the game will automatically substitute "Power Word: Solace" for "Holy Fire" in that macro any time you have the "Solace and Insanity" talent equipped). I haven't personally made one for Penance yet because I also want to be able to use Penance as a direct heal to a friendly target and haven't stopped to figure out how I'd want to change my lvl 90 action bars to accommodate an extra button ;)

These macros can also be set up for mouseover healing, if you choose to go that route. In that case, the macro would be written as follows:

#showtooltip Smite
/use [@mouseover, target=targettarget] [harm]

... "target=targettarget" is the longhand way of saying "@targettarget" - I don't use mouseovers on my priest, and I'm not sure if you can use "@" twice in the same set of brackets so I figured I'd write the mouseover macro the way I *know* it will work...

3) On the subject of mouseover healing, there's a long-standing debate about whether it's more efficient to mosueover heal or to click the raidframe of the person you want to heal, and then use your keybinds (or mousebinds, if you play with a mouse with your heals assigned to its extra buttons) to apply the heal to that target.

If you use mouseover heals, all you do is hover your mouse cursor over the raidframe of the player you want to heal (or over their actual character's body on your screen - either works, though of course raidframes are easier) and then use your keybind or mousebind to activate the heal you want to use on them. WITHOUT clicking to bring their portrait up on your screen (ie, without actively having them targeted).

4) The minute you find yourself in a group with a tank who's rushing and dps who are lagging behind, take the initiative and tell the party: "Hey guys, the tank is pulling fast. I'm going to stick to the tank like glue. If you do too, you won't get aggro on anything along the way, and then when the tank stops to work on everything he's pulled, you can *all* go to work on the mobs safely!"

Then yeah, mark the tank ;)
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