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72 Blood Elf Priest
(I could not find this topic in search, but I am on my phone which makes this site a pain to navigate.) Hello healing forums. I am in a bit of a situation; I told my raid leader after a serious healing shortage issue that i would level this guy up as fast as possible. I want this to be an extremely quick process. What could be my best option? Is healing LFD faster with a healer than questing as shadow? I am fully loomed and have planned my questing by level while away from the computer, but I am hoping healing through dungeons would be faster.

Thanks in advance.
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100 Tauren Druid
Depends. At low levels, dungeon-spamming is much much faster than questing, as you can often gain 3 or 4 levels in one dungeon. Once you reach the Wrath dungeons, it starts to slow down a bit, unless you queue specifically for the dungeons that have quests you haven't done. One thing that makes a huge difference is rested XP. Since being rested basically only affects the amount of XP you get from killing things, and not all quests involve killing things, your net XP/hour doesn't change much. In a dungeon, especially one in which you have already done the quests, almost all of your XP comes from mob/boss kills, not having rested XP destroys your XP/hour gains.

Other good XP/hour options include BGs and finding/killing rare mobs or looting chests. Find a map of the spawn locations for rares/chests in the zones in which you are questing for nice boosts when they are up.

Edit: Regardless of leveling speed, make sure you are doing at least one new dungeon per 5-10 levels gained. If you plan on raid healing, you really do need to put in the repetitions on your healing toolkit to get comfortable with spell selection.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Lower levels I find that healing queues are really quick and if you're in full heirlooms they go fast.

The nice thing about priest is you can efficiently DPS in your healing spec which is what I did on mine - though you probably won't start doing this till around 55 or so. Queue as healer, collect quests, kill things, heal 5 man, turn quests in.

On my priest, I was constantly in queue from 80 on. Because I never knew where I'd end up with a group (right at a boss, in the middle of combat etc) or if I'd be given time to change specs once I zoned in, I was always in my healing spec. The only time I didn't do this was 89-90 in Dread Wastes - I went full shadow and that one flew by.

The nice thing about healing 5 mans as you level instead of just power leveling your way by questing is it gives you decent experience healing wise as you get a whole mish mash of groups from boring to "OMG WHY IS EVERYONE CONSTANTLY NEAR DEATH?!"

Questing at times can be arguably faster but this is if you know the zone well, especially in the cases of Outland and Northend. Knowing what quests you want to do, picking up everything you need to and knowing exactly how things flow all saves a huge amount of time. Also, always make sure to queue for specific dungeons as soon as they come up as there is good xp to be had from doing their quests.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Disc is a fine questing spec with great self healing up until about 85 where it gets just a bit harder. You can also use holy's chakra chastise for even more damage at the expense of free healing.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
If you can get a friend do RaF and you can be 80 in a day. 80 to 85 should take a half day then you hit the Jade Forest wall.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Disc is a fine questing spec with great self healing up until about 85 where it gets just a bit harder. You can also use holy's chakra chastise for even more damage at the expense of free healing.

85-87 wasn't bad for me as Disc questing wise. I actually skipped Jade Forest completely with a combination of healing LFD and a friend taking me along on his flying mount when he hunted rares (Got an awesome staff out of the deal and some achievements). I did 86 & 87 in Valley of the Four Winds and it went really well and stuff died fairly quickly. The only slow point was doing the Safari quests (to finish the zone for the achivement) but I think a big part of that for me was I hate those quests and don't find killing a whole list of animals engaging in the least. I did like how the quest line ended though. :P

I did a good portion of Townlong as Disc and it was harder at that time. When I wasn't in queue I did switch to Shadow (using my healing gear), especially on quests where the area was just swarming with enemies and also while killing the Sha.

I never tried Dread Wastes as Disc and I probably wouldn't recommend it. If one was going to use a healing spec for questing there I would go Holy due to the extra damage from Chastise. The mobs are all 90's with a good amount of health and I don't relish the thought of running around out there at 89 smiting things to death.
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