Hello all, the name is Kane. I've played World of Warcraft ever since I had the chance to try it out on my uncle's beta invite, and have loved it since. I played a lot of vanilla, skipped most of BC, then came back for some Wrath. I left towards the end of that x-pac and had only sparing time with Cata, but I'm now back solid for Pandaria. I've been grinding away my reps and gear, doing Heroics LFR and all that jazz. I feel its finally time for me to take my next step, and that is real raiding.

I miss the feeling of raiding I used to get back in vanilla and Lich King, the comraderies that could form and the fun times that were had. So now I'm looking for a Horde side guild to join that wants a eager and willing (and might i say competent) tank for their raid group. I'm no expert at the game and am not looking for the most hardcore of the hardcore guilds, this game is always about fun first to me and being screamed at about DKP and DPS for hours is not my cup of tea.

I'm looking for a guild that isn't super hardcore, but isn't extremely casual either. 2-3 raid nights a week would be ideal. I live in Nevada, so I am PST (server) time, and am generally available most days from Noon to Midnight. If you see this post and need a tank for a new/existing raid group, or just to talk to me and get a feel for me yourself, reply to this thread, or better yet send me a tell in-game if I am on. Looking forward to hearing from someone!

Peace and greets,