Know me, then hate me.

90 Blood Elf Rogue
If you are going to hate me, then you should know things about me.

I probably should have mentioned how happy I am to be back on WoW/in Eitrigg. I'm enjoying these 17 days.
I've been thinking about other videos I could make for you guys. I don't know if Blizzard is actually going to fix the server population issues, and if they are then when. I was brainstorming things we could do to try and get people to join our server. Probably going to make a video about that, but if Blizzard is finally going to step up then I would be silly for bothering.

Anyway, some people on WoW think they know me very well, yet they have absurd things to say about me that couldn't be much further off.
Might as well know who you are hating, and I've given you plenty of opportunities to find something mean to say that's actually true. Yet instead most people keep taking shots in the dark, looking for some kind of insecurity they think I might have.
Here, watch this, make it a fair game of trolling:
You can find something mean to say from that.

I've given you plenty of resources and still all you can say is that I use !@#$%^s, have a big nose, and weigh 400lbs? Only one of those things is true, and it's still not offensive.
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100 Draenei Warrior
blizzard makes money off of transfers, blizzard is a business so in the end its about money. As long as they keep getting income from people moving server's, in my opinion a dead server will stay dead unless there is some kinda massive flux of new players or xfers to that dead server.

I should add both of the stated things above make blizzard money.
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Horde side Eitrigg is beyond dead, I was kinda hoping that this patch might liven things up. Alas, it was just not meant to be.
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90 Human Death Knight
watched the whole vid with sound off..

this is not my proudest erection..

edit: cant say !@#$%?
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90 Goblin Mage
eitrigg is so dead most of the people who post here come from other realms apparently...

keep the vids rolling Pinny
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
eitrigg is so dead most of the people who post here come from other realms apparently...

keep the vids rolling Pinny

Yeah I was on horde side Eitrigg then my friends made me come over to this server... which I hate. I am still an Eitriggian though so yeah...
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Mybackhurtz, I've always thought the same. I guess it's just wishful thinking that they might decide to merge servers.

Thanks for watching the video, guys.
I will make that video sharing my ideas. I just don't know if people will want to participate. It's worth trying, but normally I feel people don't like my ideas or follow my lead.
I don't think I am the leader type, even if I want to be, but I will take responsibility and try to organize !@#$.

Two practical things I think we will need:
1. A reliable level 25 leveling guild (atleast one for both Horde and Alliance... I definitely do not know of any on the Horde side, but people can volunteer... the guild I am now of course would accept new players and alts but is not specifically geared towards leveling).
2. For Alliance to potentially help Horde rebuild (because what fun is WoW if there's no one to kill, right, my enemies?)
I have a level 43 Ally so I atleast have a vague idea of how you guys are doing on the other side. Eitrigg Horde needs to improve its economy and we need strong raiding guilds. I don't think many people will want to stay here without these things.
If some bored people who normally play Alliance have Horde toons and want to help get our guilds off their butts and raiding then that would be great.

I will be looking for individual players looking to contribute as well as guilds.
Guilds who want to participate can go ahead and sign up now.
Specify whether you currently are or aim to become a raiding guild, leveling guild, PvP guild, or just a social guild.
I'm going to encourage people to merge their guilds if it seems like it would be beneficial. So feel welcome to harass me with extra information about your guild, and I might ask you some additional questions.

Should I collect the names of Alliance guilds who would like to participate aswell? Do you guys want me to? Right now I'm assuming you guys don't need a moron like me's help, but if you want to help organize some stuff I will.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
As for me, I'm going to buy Pandaria. I'm just being a cheap bastard right now. I have four level 85s; two of which are healers, one's a tank (dual specs), a melee DPS, and a caster DPS.
I've been leveling my druid (who will probably be resto/he's level 40 right now). I have another druid on Alliance that is level 43... why do I have two druids? Because I am a complicated girl, my friends of Azeroth.

I have a lot more toons than people think I do, I guess. It pained me whenever I wanted to raid with someone and I didn't have a character that could fill the role they needed.... because I am neurotic and I want to be able to do everything and help everyone.

Edit: Everyone was all surprised when they found out that priest was me. Really? You guys only expect me to have one toon? :P
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80 Tauren Druid
Yay! We have a lvl 85 that is going to save our server!
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eitrigg is so dead most of the people who post here come from other realms apparently...

keep the vids rolling Pinny

I remember when I first started WOW, Eitrigg was hopping. Certainly not the highest population server in the game, but Org actually had a lot of people at all times of the day. Not sure how the Alliance side is doing, but if I had to guess it has declined as well. Now.. it is sad.

Keep going Pinny. Don't let the haters get you down. :)
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Eitrigg had always been my home. I've left and inevitably came back. Only to find it declining more and more everyday. I recently had to leave the server for more progression. Not sure what the future holds for Eitrigg but it'll always hold a special place in my heart. I created my first toon there, I met friends who became family.

I agree with the guy above. Keep going Pinny. Keep your chin up.
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