Too Many Groups LFM - Let's Cooperate

Hi Folks, just wanted to start a thread for people to use to advertise the needs of their particular group, in hopes that anyone reading might see a spot they could fill & contact the group leader. (**Please see bottom of this post.**)

I've had a number of recent conversations with folks from various guilds who are stuck looking to fill various spots in their raid groups (this also becomes very apparent if at any point you monitor trade - groups are consistently LFM to get groups full & going).

I propose a cooperative approach taking into account the fact that folks may very well want to stay in their own guilds for social reasons - there is nothing stopping us from working together to form a number of solid groups of folks from a number of guilds. I've had some half-decent success running in cobbled together groups before, there is nothing stopping us from looking outside the borders of our own guilds to fill some spots.

The population of folks interested in raiding normals on Eitrigg is NOT flourishing, I think there is some potential to get some decent people together here and make a few solid groups, heck we might even make some new friends while we're at it. *sniff*

All that being said. ALIAS Group 2 is currently good for tanks & healers (thank Christ), but could use regular help in dps positions (hunter, monk & warrior currently in group as dps) for Throne of Thunder.

We are trying to consistently raid Tues & Thurs from 8-1030pm and are 1/12 normal.

I have also been made aware of a weekend group led by SANDBOX members Aphrodyte & Miliscent (on other toons I believe) that are recruiting as well for their ToT runs.

If anyone else posts their needs in here, my plan will be to update this first post so that folks can see a snapshot of current groups' needs, the raids they are running and any requirements, as well as the name of the appropriate contact person. Hopefully we can get some of these groups up & running by working together.


Guild: Divine Hand of Justice
Days & Times: Friday 8-10pm server & Saturday 5-8pm server
Contact: Asthoriam
Needs: Tanks, but dps & healer also welcome to enquire

Days & Times: Weekend evenings
Contacts: Miliscent, Aphrodyte
Needs: Ranged dps, other enquiries welcome
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Yay teamwork!
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Vestige yes it's me. I canned your mail then couldn't get my calendar to find you - you must have an odd character. Please send me another mail. Very sorry. ><
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90 Dwarf Priest
Hey bud. :) I responded to you in-game with my battletag. I look forward to hearing from you!

To anyone reading this post, I highly encourage you to talk to Titus if your current raiding needs aren't being met by your guild or you're flying solo. I raided quite a bit with Titus back in Cata and found him to be an intelligent, highly organized, fair, and level-headed raid leader. His efforts are to be commended for trying to get Eitrigg's raiding scene back up to par.
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Miss all the folks at A L I A S for sure. One thing I would like to point out, though. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of guilds? I understand there are always groups LFM, but I think a lot of people want their GUILD to succeed, not necessarily their group of pugs? Maybe I'm wrong. Might I offer a suggestion?

I have seen some guilds that have multiple guilds. For instance, A L I A S, A L I A S 2 and so on. (Just using this guild as an example) Maybe a new community guild could be made. Leadership would have to be very coordinated of course, but it might help with people who want to stay with their guild. Also, guilds and members would have to agree to get with a guild with a new name but hey.

It obviously would need a lot more work to figure out all the kinks but thought I would offer up a suggestion. Also, mad props to Titus for looking out for the good of the realm. Thanks bud!
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Appreciate the comments. I do feel strongly about guild loyalty, and honestly that's a part of what led me to creating this post. I think it's totally fine to have 3 guilds well represented in one regularly running 10 man group. The only thing you lose out on is the guild achievements - but really in many cases each guild that's going to produce 1-2 members for a run like this likely has a strong core group that's going to knock those out on behalf of the guild anyhow.

So anyone out there looking for a spot or have a group missing 1-2 key components?
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90 Night Elf Hunter
I think it's a fine idea. My guild has bonded with other guilds in the past to achieve a common goal. Yes it does deter a little bit from guild achievements but it keeps you more in touch with the server community and exposes you to other talented players who you might never associate with if you only run with your guild.

I know several people from A L I A S, one of which has been an officer in my guild for a long time. You guys are a class act and I would be honored to lend whatever support my guild or myself has to offer.
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Thank you. If you guys have any spots that need filling, don't hesitate to post it here for the server to see (well, all 11 of us that look in these forums anyhow).
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Thank you. If you guys have any spots that need filling, don't hesitate to post it here for the server to see (well, all 11 of us that look in these forums anyhow).

Well, when it comes to progression, we've never really been committed to raiding. This was mostly due to my inability to have set raid times because of my unpredictable work schedule. Things have changed since then and now I am typically able to raid any night of the week.

I put together a team a couple months back, it started off really good but things didn't work out and we lost some people as a result.

I'm still trying to get us back to par but we have very little tank options right now. We have a couple friends of the guild who are willing to tank for us for the time being but we really need more tanks. We could also use another strong dps or healer, we can always swap people around to make it work.

We are looking to raid Friday nights 8-10pm and Saturdays 5-8pm server. We are not hardcore or elitists. We try to be fair and treat everyone with respect.

If this sounds interesting to anyone, feel free to drop me a line or send me an in-game mail. :)

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90 Dwarf Paladin
Since this is for people getting groups together from different guilds and all, I though I would provide a link to the explanation of the Suicide King's loot system. I have found that this specific system is good for groups ONLY IF the group can have people that are committed to that group. If you pug a lot this system is NOT FOR YOU.

I feel this system is completely fair to everyone in the group. There is an addon (I cannot recall the name at the moment) that works with this system where everyone can install it and see the master list and how people are moving up and down the list. Thought I'd just throw this in here :)
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< Baddie/Titus sorry - lazy forum poster is lazy.

New low last night - could not get one dps for fresh ToT from trade. Continually amazed again & again each week with the decline of interest in regular raiding.

I can use a regular "every week" dps or two (or one healer & one dps), Tues/Thurs 8 - 10pm server.
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90 Orc Shaman
Hurray for teamwork this is why the alliance here dominates the horde has nothing to do with skill just teamwork anyways Shockramen>Eitrigg's Alliance <3 you all bai bai
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90 Gnome Warlock
Hi I have been on eitrigg for a long time and have just returned after a 8 month hiatus. What happened to all the raiding guilds? I would really be interested in joining a guild that raids regularly. I have never had any trouble in any guild i been in, so if interested let me know in game or in here. I check both. Thanks!
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The guilds are plugging away. If you advertise in trade that you're LFG you'll get picked up in short order. ALIAS is always recruiting in case you're still looking the next time you check in here. ;)
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90 Worgen Rogue
That ubaka guy is a big trouble maker. Best in slot is looking for some decently geared players for our alt group.

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90 Draenei Death Knight
Ah! It's still nice to see people trying to jump start what's left of Eitrigg. I find myself coming back to this forum after leaving the server for greener pastures. I miss home, granted. Ah well, change is sometimes for the better. I wish you all the best!
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90 Human Paladin
If any guilds on Eitrigg are looking for a 7/12 tank and two healers , I have 3 players looking for a new home.

512 ilvl pally tank and a disc priest and restro druid all looking for a raiding guild.
Only nites we cant raid are currently Friday's .

Add my battletag - S1deout#1392. Thanks.
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My group is looking at moving to Tues/Fri from Tues/Thur. We had a much easier time filling the pug spots on the Friday this week. My main tank has changed jobs & is no longer available - if anyone has a tank or tank alt they think would like to fill this spot full-time, please contact me.

EDITED: Forgot to add my 2 cents about the new flex raiding that will soon be upon us. My guess is they are going to lean toward making normal raids work in this fashion - minimum 10 but bring as many as you want up to 25 (or even 40, who knows). How do folks see this new opportunity to run the same instances (yet again, because we don't get sick of them quickly enough doing lfr) affecting normal raiding on Eitrigg?
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Too many failures to fill lately & too many groups looking for more on Tuesdays so I've decided to stop running my group.

I encourage anyone here looking to fill permanent spots to contact these players directly:

Miliscent & Aphrodyte (THE SANDBOX). Shammy heals with os dps & Priest heals respectively, come as a pair & both know their toons. Lots of fun to have in raid.

Robik (ALIAS). Hunter dps, quiet but always on time & plays well. Mage alt can dps if you need.

Bentgrass. Bear tank. Dependable & positive.

Vestige. Spriest with capable healing OS. Knowledgeable raider & always willing to heal when needed.

Sheppydu. Tree heals. I only just met sheppydu but he was always early for raid, had a good attitude & was fun to have along.

Deathdraj/Healsno/Sweetspot. Draj is a long time Eitrigg raider, Ready & willing to gear up any toon you might need to fill a spot to get going. Big positive personality.

Thorya. DK tank, quiet & capable, just gets to work.

McGrowlin/Serilda - great tank, but recently took a new job & his availability is reduced. Hope to see you back online again soon, bud.

If I've missed any regulars from my group it's an oversight - absolutely NO ONE in my group these past couple of months has given me any grief and I would gladly play with them again.
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90 Human Warrior
If anyone wants a player who has U.S. 400 raiding experience and is willing to pay for a faction x-fer for a boomkin hit up. The druid is currently 85 and on the realm but I've decided I want to use him to raid. Willing to stay on realm for at least 2 months if someone wants to pay for it.

I'm not a slacker, I'll powerlevel to 90 and get Tot appropriate gear/enchants/professions asap.
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