Looking to possibly Transfer to this realm

6 Goblin Mage
Hello players of Runetotem!,

I played on this realm back in wrath in the guild KnightsoftheRound when Nytebreed was raid leading, but transferred to another realm to play with friends. However, now my current realm is almost dead. It's very hard to find groups for world bosses, and it's very hard to keep a consistent raid team going. It's even hard to find jewel crafters, and enchanters in trade. I am currently thinking of transferring back to this realm, but before I do I would like to ask a few questions. I am wondering on how strong the community is here?I am looking to come to a realm with a striving community. I remember during Wrath this realm was very friendly, and was awesome. Is the the realm still thriving today?

I love to raid, and if I do transfer I am looking to find a permanent home. I currently have a 508 Boomkin/490 resto druid, 498 holy priest, and 496 UH DK/474 Blood DK. My raid experiences are 6/6 MSV 10 man normal, 2/6 MSV 10 man heroic, 6/6 HoF 10 man normal, and 4/4 ToES 10 man normal.(All done pre 5.2 nerf). As of tier 15 I am only 1/12 in ToT because my current raid team is having trouble with attendance, but I am sure I am more than capable of doing the rest of it. If any guilds are recruiting I would love to talk, and will glady fill out any applications.

I hope to hear from you guys soon! :D
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From one of the greats himself...

Slime, the lot of'em. Look up terrible in the dictionary and there's a group shot of the server. We embrace ninjas, trolling and loose morality as a 35 year old virgin clings to the body pillow he got at Bed Bath and Beyond with mommy's credit card that he stole from her imitation Coach bag. Raid progression? Raid regression is more like it. Hogger has our heads on his wall at home. We got into ICC by pretending to be Mormons on our first mission and the Lich King felt sorry for us and served us tea. Cold tea, but it was tea godamn it and that's more than I managed to get in all my raiding history. If you think you can hang with the bad that is us, I got news for you. You're not bad enough. You're not even mediocre (but then, only Mediocre is, after all). You're a forgettable lump in the trampled toilet paper pushed into the corner of the server's bathroom by cheap crafted level 200 epic boots that someone who has since transferred used to level his leatherworking skill. Go be successful someplace else, we don't play that game here. Our game is fail. We are fail. We are Runetotem.

By Oomoo.
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90 Human Priest
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90 Human Priest
We are fail. We are Runetotem.

By Inania
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90 Tauren Druid
Awww, Shank beat me to it. I was gonna post the epicness that is Oomoo. Ah, well.
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90 Troll Shaman
I see Oomoo, and he looks glorious.
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