Staghelm revival

After seeing the decline of the server very much doing season 11, and then alliance almost non existent in the pvp aspect in MoP. Zilohko and I have transfered a toon each over to alliance to help lead the charge back, Ill will try and do TB whenever im on as alliance,; but i will need your guys help to get this server more active. I also feel if we get alot of decent arena teams going, doing my part i will try and play with as many people as i can as horde or alliance, some of you might be thinking why would i want to play with him, But while were playing i will try and give some advice and what to do, i think we have alot of Raw talent and this server still we just need a little nudge, only requirement is to be a DPS and have full pvp gear, i will give advice tips and anything else that you might need and you will be able to take this to other teams and play with them. I know this server is on its last breath but, even this dead community is more enjoyable to play in then one with thousands of people and no one knows anyone one

Battle= Maljchm#1155

Also because the old list of Top 5 staghelm pvps is old ill make my top 5 of MoP

#1 Dreadlockz
#2 Zilohko
#3 Accuracy
#4 Roctheris
#5 isis

After playing extensively with each one of them i know what they can due, but everytime i play with someone new i am surprised by how well they can play, they just need that little help to get over the top

Alot of people leave because theres not an active community, instead of everyone leaving us we need to start bringing in more people before this server goes completley dead
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90 Human Paladin
We also have a horde AND alliance Pvp guild if anyone wants to join on either faction just look us up and we can get you into the guild. we do rbg's weekly and always have members on looking to pvp in any sort of way
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im going to talk to accuracy and carr to see if we can set up some world pvp events.

we can rebuild it we have the technology
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100 Undead Mage
trying to rebuild staghelm is like putting cavemen 40k years into the future...good luck

EDIT: on second thought cavemen might be smarter.....with all this yolo swag mty teen mom horse crap......
Edited by Obbi on 4/14/2013 1:15 PM PDT
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90 Tauren Priest
Sometimes I'm convinced my boss is a caveman. Then again, he's a millionaire.

...This just might work...
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90 Night Elf Druid
Yeah, remember in the old days before Expansions, this was a great pvp server. Loved to destroy in AV and WSG. Did that more than 40 man raid of MC and BWL.
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90 Troll Druid
Im Back. Lets Get Things Poppin...*Neal Rigga Out*
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