Do you enjoy the convenience of LFR but sometimes miss the “old days” of meeting new people and getting to know them while running dungeons/raids together?

Do you belong to a small guild that doesn’t have enough people for regular raiding?

Would you like to meet more people on Uther?

DPS: Do you hate long queue times only to finally get in and have a tank and half the healers leave?

Tanks/Healers: Would you like to group with others who share the sense of responsibility you take for the role you have chosen to play?

Would you like LFR to be more fun?

We are hoping to find a solution to these issues.

We want to create a channel to help more Uther players run LFR together and get more activity on Uther.

If you are interested, /join UtherLFR Then anytime you are queuing for LFR, heroics or need more people for a world boss, ask in channel if anyone is interested in joining. The focus of this is LFR so level 90, minimum ilvl 463 please.

Hope to see your there.
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