Question about twin consorts(MW)

100 Pandaren Monk
how do you handle the beast of nightmares? its like I will have my renewing mist spread and then there will be AOE dmg but im a bit scared to uplift for fear of taking to many stacks.should i not worry and just use diffuse magic and/or zen med to get through it?
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90 Pandaren Shaman
You'll get max 1 stack (if any at all) from uplifting when there's a beast of nightmare out.
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90 Blood Elf Monk
I've done the fight once on 10m and twice on 25m, haven't noticed much heavy damage going out on either when a beast has been up, so if I see renewing mist bounce to the beast tank I usually choose to refrain from uplift depending how long before it's going to die. having said that, a couple of times I've gained 6 or so stacks while experimenting to see what spells increased them and yep, I just used some dmg reduction cooldowns and it was fine

our tank takes it right over to one side, which means even glyphed, renewing mist doesn't often make it over to him if I cast it on ranged over the other side of the room. also means I can plonk my statue down beyond the beast tank and soothing mist off other people will heal him without increasing my stacks. healing spheres don't either
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90 Draenei Monk
I've gone up to 4+ stacks from Uplifting and it really didn't seem to hurt much, you just have to be aware of what's going on (and keep an eye on your exact damage intake as well - you may need a CD, but it's also not good to waste one).
Other that that, most of that phase can be healed decently via Eminence which doesn't proc the debuff. Keep RM on CD, and as others said, you ideally shouldn't have to Uplift much at those times.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Tell your tanks to do work and /cancelaura Renewing Mist.
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