Questions About Mining Nodes..

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I have a few questions about Mining Nodes.

Are mining nodes based on a timer, or nodes in the zone?
As in, does each node have a respawn timer after you mine it before it respawns, or are the nodes based upon people mining other nodes in the same zone?

I have a couple routes I camp when I want Ghost Iron ore, and on the shortest one where it used to be I mine one and the next one has respawned while I am working on the one I am mining, and it would just be a quick and easy loop... I found myself, mining all the nodes and none are respawning (This was the first month of Pandaria.)

So, how exactly do the nodes work?
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90 Worgen Druid
Apparently it's a mix of both according to people from MMO-CHAMPION.COM

More nodes spawn depending on how many people are in a zone and how many nodes are being mined in said zone.

Which explains why the Vale originally had a quick respawn time.

Can anyone confirm or deny this? Or delve deeper?
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Nodes appear randomly through a zone to a maximum number being active. Mine a node, and another will spawn somewhere in the zone. Could even be the same node. The more people mining, the faster they will spawn.

After you mine a node, it will disappear in a minute if you didn't collect everything on it and a new node will spawn.
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(This was the first month of Pandaria.)

So, how exactly do the nodes work?

There has been one publicly announced change to the spawns (rate was halved (i.e. reduced) in 5.1.) There may very well be some unannounced changes.

5.3 is changing the way mining levels, so there will be skill level 1 miners mining in Pandaria. So my guess is that this change may have them revisit some of the spawn numbers.
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In theory, there should be 100 nodes within a single zone. Those hundred nodes can spawn in any of 200 different locations. Once a node is looted, another node will respawn somewhere in the zone, within 10 minutes.

If 1 person is flying around the zone, the a new node should spawn every 10 minutes as the individual gathers nodes in the zone. If 2 people are in the zone, twice as many nodes are being harvested, so a new node should respawn every 5 minutes, leading to more nodes being available for gathering, but never more then 100 nodes at a time.

Obviously, these numbers are all made up and based on my understanding of how herbalism and mining nodes work, and why the more populated a zone is (thus CRZ is good for farmers), the more nodes per hour can be farmed.
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