Looking for Heroics! (DPS)

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Look at all these approvals. I approve it all!
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04/16/2013 10:59 AMPosted by Akrisa
All these approvals and he's 6/12 reg. How bout offering to finally take him instead of just approving? I'm sure he'd rather see that. Goes to everyone out there, really.

Back when I interviewed players for raiding I never ever took into consideration a persons progression as proof of their skill set. A progression is a team effort, basically your only as strong as your weakest link and I know many players, even on this server who I deem can play at a heroic level but still play in a normal raiding guild. To me the proof of ones abilities lies in parses with up times, cd management and so on than ones personal guild performance. Some of the best players I have seen recruited had little or no heroic experience which is good too because you am mold them how you want them to approach a heroic based fight.

That being said and I told him this too is while guilds look for players most of someone wanting to be accepted to a raiding guild is on person himself to apply to a guild and not just a Lfr post. Not only does this show iniative but I prevents the concept of guild poaching. So if I would suggest something I would recommend applying for a raid team. I don't know about ethers and availed current situation but sadly I know we are not recruiting at his time

^ clearly still has not slept.

To answer you, Badglad, I never take anyone outside of guild over someone inside a guild, unless they're paying or we're down a guy that I can't fill from within. As a matter of fact, we did bring Jalkait to a few Heroic Horridon pulls when we were missing someone a ways back.
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I'm not asking to sub him out on a heroic from your own roster, or even normal if it helps your guldies in progression. I'm saying if you guys run an alt team, ask one of the guys who doesn't seriously care about his alt to sit? Have a few beers and look at pornos? This isn't directed at anyone, but I'm sure we all know one guy in the group who'd rather go watch TV than run a 1/12 wipefest run on alts. Maybe not in our current superstar guild Availed, but I'm sure the other top guilds here could always find a guy like him useful.
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You know Jalkait you could always progress with your current guild... And replace baddies... Or form your own looking for equal quality players. But that isn't very easy on Anvilmar.
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that is all
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Openraid.us is kinda meh, probably wants to do it with people they know or can get to know on own server. Openraid is too much like LFR, people usually dont like to put in too much work
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Openraid.us is kinda meh, probably wants to do it with people they know or can get to know on own server. Openraid is too much like LFR, people usually dont like to put in too much work

Yeah it is hit or miss. I did an MSV last week that i would have been better served to just smash my face on my desk instead.
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Yeah Ez, unfortunately that day was just the worst kind of mess (Computer issues, and a failed installation of Mumble, amounted to a Hiroshima-scale fail). I finally got Mumble to work though! As of this post I am 9/12 reg, and FS is top 10 on Anvilmar, so my guild is not the issue. I know for a fact if we had less attendance issues

and a dedicated healer (Monk, Druid, or Priest)
or a skilled DPS (Warlock preferred) (Apply at frenchshowers.guildlaunch.com!)
(Raid times: Tuesday-Thursday 6-9PM Server Time)

we would be so much farther along. Sometimes it will take an hour or so to find someone geared acceptably to fill a spot before we raid.
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