Mistweaver monk leather/cloth question

90 Pandaren Monk
Ok so forgive my ignorance in all of this for a moment.

I decided recently to switch my specialization from brewmaster to mistweaver after discovering a love of healing, and I'm confused on the gear. Do i, at this level, wear leather despite it not giving me the intellect and spirit bonuses as i change out gear? meaning, does the 5% bonus from leather specialization make up for the lower stat bonuses for especially intellect on the gear i seem to be getting from questing and/or dungeon drops? Also, is it truly spirit that is the stat i should concern myself with most at the moment?
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90 Pandaren Monk
You're reaching the point where Spirit becomes more and more important. The 5% really doesn't make too much of a difference until Cata content, so ultimately, just try to go for spirit gear, even if it's cloth. However, you want to still prioritize leather.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Thanks! I was giving priority to intellect so i will change that up, especially with dungeons being more of a challenge to keep my mana going.
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90 Tauren Druid
Honestly, I healed dungeons exclusively until 90.

I was a cheap bastard and never bought leather Int BoA's, so I just reused my old clothie int gear with no spirit.

To say the least, spirit NEVER mattered while leveling up my mistweaver until about level 83. Dungeons after the first two low level Cata, Throne of Tides and.. I think stonecore? After those, you're going to want spirit, and with that, you're going to want your leather bonus as well.

But healing as clothie is perfectly acceptable before then. Heck, I even tanked in my clothie dps gear and had little to no issue prior to lvl 80.

And for the record, all a mistweaver has to do, until you reach the dungeons I listed above, is fistweave. Just try to do a ton of dps and your heals will be more than enough to keep the tank up.

If you actually sit back and mistweave, you're far more likely to oom.

Edit; I havn't played MW since the changes to jab, so that mana nerf may very well have broken the viability of how I leveled up. But it was incredibly easy and mindnumbingly OP while leveling so I cannot see it being too different..
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90 Draenei Monk
Yeah since you have a full healing set now it seems, just try to upgrade to leather whenever you get a chance, and then stick with leather and never go back.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Really appreciate the help guys :) I don't know why i didn't choose mistweaver from the beginning, since i play exclusively in a pair all the time and one of us being a healer seems like a no brainer haha. Plus we started to learn pvp and one of us being a healer seems to work out a bit better. Anyway, I'll be taking your suggestions into my playtime later tonight!
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