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Yes another one of these threads....

I am seriously considering transferring my 5 level 90's to this server and am ready to spend the money if I can find a proper home. I've found some information in these forums already about server participation, progression, etc. but anything anyone wants to add would be appreciated.

I would be moving a Resto Shaman (485), Holy Priest (483), Resto Druid (477), Hunter (483?), and Unholy DK (477)

I'm a competent healer in raids though not much raiding experience this expansion outside of LFR mainly because of the severe lack of raiding opportunities on my server, thus the reason I am seeking a new server

Would like to find a place in a 25m raid team (if those still exist) but am definitely open to a nice laid back 10m raid spot as well. Looking for very active guilds with plentiful membership very very tired of being the only one online in a guild

K1ffZ1lla#1519 or in game mail on Muradin to Panthe or respond in thread

Thank you and good day Whisperwind =)
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90 Draenei Priest
Appreciate you taking a look at Whisperwind. It's proven to be a great home for all of my toons since the tail end of WoTLK. I'd encourage you to take a look around by creating a lvl one alt on the server to get a more hands on feel for the server.

And if you happen to like what you observe on the server, I'd strongly encourage you to speak to any of the officers in Legends of Whisperwind.

Our guild leader/raid leader has a wonderful post on the realm forum just a few posts back. Here's a link to that post and the information about our guild. If you have any questions for us, please, feel free to ask anyone with the Legends of Whisperwind tag and we'll do our best to answer your questions about the guild or the server enviroment in general.
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90 Human Priest
Hi Panthe,

I definitely have to echo Phealgood's post. Having recently transferred from a dying server, it is nice to see lots of pug raids and an active AH. And Whisperwind has a lot of very helpful and kind people, something that seems to be an exception not a rule recently. Unfortunately, our 25 man raid group is full on healers at this time but if you would be interested in a dps slot, please check us out. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 9-11 pm server (central time) and Sunday 8-11pm server. We use mumble for voice communication and EPGP for loot distribution. Our website ( has more information about us and a short application for you if you are interested.

Good luck with your guild hunt,
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I arrived on the server this evening with all my toons =) feel free to add Panthe or my battletag K1ffZ1lla#1519
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100 Worgen Warrior

I think my guild may have what you are looking for! We are <Of Hells Design> of Whisperwind, an Alliance dominated PVE server. We are currently filling the gaps in our 25man raid team and are in need of more strong and reliable players. We raid Monday through Thursday and only require 3/4 days (more pushing for progression is always good right?).

Guild Website:
Guild Email:
Recruitment: Leorick(real id: (Battletag: Ysosrslawl#1721) Surfandturf (real id: Dumaurier
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90 Human Death Knight
If you are still looking we might be a good fit for you.

refer to this post :

See you in the game.
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