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Okay lets try to make this short and sweet.


I have been playing wow since vanilla, I used to be known as Medk a resto shaman. I am a great raider, with a lot of experience and years under my belt. I was actually horde for most of my playing, on shadowsong. I went alliance in lich king, I was in j n r v for most of the expansion but didnt raid much. Went horde to a diff server for cata. And now for pandaria I am back to the alliance on shadowsong! I take pride in staying on top of my class, whether it be reading forums to see what the best stat priority, rotation, talents, etc or testing it out myself on training dummies all day. Making a minor change to make a slight improvement is a big deal to me, I WILL be the absolute best I can. You can believe it for raids also, I will be prepared with flasks, pots, prepots, everything needed as a committed raider. I get along great with just about anyone, not a big trouble maker :) I do have a mic and vent/mumble and i love making new friends! I can raid pretty much anytime but I prefer maybe starting at 3-6pm server time any day. My current guild is slowly falling apart and we are not raiding as much as I would like so I already talked to my gleader and she understands. Time for a new guild, new friends, and best of all... New GEAR!

Okay enough about my story, lets get into the numbers..

I am the type of person that loves seeing my big ol deeps. I dont have any worldoflogs up but I have just been keeping track of what I have been pulling so I can give an estimate of what I do.

first, i am bursty as !@#$ cuz im enhance 'course! lol so I'm probably peaking anywhere from 200-250k dps. But towards the end of the fight I am usually around 120-150k single targ dps. I remember some fights from this week. keep in mind this is after the boss is dead, and im usually toppin the charts.

10m Jin'rokh 145k dps
10m Horridon 135k dps
10m council I peaked at 250k (mostly single targ with my enhance abilities but I also do have the flame shock aoe)
10m Tsulong also peaked at 250k

My raid progression isnt anywhere near i would like it to be in this expansion, mostly due to the casual raiding guilds i have been in. msv cleared, 4/6 hof, 3/6 toes, 4/12 tot. im a fast learner though and will put my best into every fight, whether it be msv or tot.

So If youre looking for a solid, reliable raider and killer melee dps, give me a shot. I would love to show you what I got! You can whisper me in game, I will most likely be on Bizar. But you can also add my ID Cstober2012@yahoo.com, if its any easier. Cheers!
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One tip that may help you, is get some combat log parses up on WoL. Anyone can say "oh I do so and so dps"... yet dps isn't the only thing seen from a log. Yes it helps people see the actual dps you are putting out in an encounter not just what you believe or say, but its also a great tool for analyzing every aspect of a player/encounter. You can see in detail things like how much people like to stand in fire or tunnel vision a boss and ignore mechanics or adds, to look good on a meter.

You wont get many bites from any respectable guild with claims of dps or "well I can peak dps at so and so" without proof.
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