Hello there Anvilmar! I am Jonxx from Illidan.
My family and I have created our own guild on Anvilmar to call our new home. We are nearing level 10 as a guild in under 1 week and would like to start the process of recruiting for our Raid Team. We aren't looking for the top Geared Players out there but we are looking for people that have exceptional knowledge of their own class that have not had the opportunity to join one of the top raiding guilds here on Anvilmar. All raiding Materials will be provided for you from the Guild Including Repairs we just expect you to be on top of your game.

I am going to list a Few Classes that we are looking for as of now.

DK Tank or Druid Tank
Mage or Warlock
Disc/Holy Priest
Monk Healer
Shaman Healer
"Any other classes we will take into consideration if exceptional"

As of right now raid times are not set. But we will probably be running 2 different raid group as of a lot of the current people we have play alts. This is a Toss Up but we are looking at raiding Tue/Weds 7-10 Server. With a Clean-up day being on Saturday. The alt raid would take place on Sat/Sun Times dependent on raiders schedules.

For anyone that is interested Please Either send me a message in game, Add me as a friend Entertain#1500 , Send me in-game mail to Whobetter. From there we would talk in vent just to go over some things that I would expect from you as a raider.

For those considering joining You must have a Mic and be able to clearly talk and listen to vent.

Might I remind you that Perpetual Captivity is a very family-oriented guild but that does not mean that we are a bunch of children because that is not true. We have all played wow for around 7 years now and experienced this server when it was actually populated. If you take offense to someone cursing in guild chat or being profane period this is probably not the guild for you. We are very knowledgable about the game and absolutely love to help people and share out experiences with them. I hope that you can find a good home with us and achieve success in future raids!!!
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