New muscle in town (RP)

Alright folks, here's the digs. The name's Chip Blastfused. Muscle for hire, got it? I'm a Bruiser; was, anyway. Well, actually, I still am, just not in the job title meaning, you know?

Whatever. Used to be, I was one o' those nameless so-called "peacekeepers" you'd see around Booty Bay. No love lost for the old job, though no hard feelings for the place itself. Booty Bay's a great place, great view, good deals... but let's face it, it just ain't a safe place these days. The Bloodsail dopes were one thing. Them I could handle. But then they started makin' friends with them crazy hero types, and sendin' them after us. Heh, no thanks.

Owin' to my departure from my former position, and due to some uhh.. mental traumas, I am officially no longer a member of the Steamwheedle Cartel. Figurin' it was time for the protector to side with some protection of his own, I threw my lot in with the Bilgewaters. I always secretly rooted for the Buccaneers anyway. The Sharks out-equipped them all the time, and I got a soft spot for the little guy. That and the Bilgewaters aren't on the side that has the crazy dogs. *Chip shudders*

But you know the Bilgewaters. No money in it on its own. You gotta find a source of REAL income. And that, boys and girls, is where I turn to you. What we got here is a muscle lookin' for someone to muscle for. Show me what ya got!

Oh and uh... you plague-happy dead freaks need not apply, ya dig? Bad enough I took the heat for not catchin' that bad shipment that started the Zombie plague a few years back. Three guesses who was workin' the docks that week. I ain't gettin' mixed up in that nonsense again.

(So yeah, looking for a decent place to stick this particular alt, something I admitting him to be up front so that whoever's kind enough to take him in is aware and not upset when his activity inevitably declines after a while <.<)
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