I'm a bad monk D:

90 Pandaren Monk
Noxxic is telling me that with my ilvl i should be pulling 95k in dps but im only getting 45 DW, has anyone got 95k dps at a 483 ilvl?
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44 Blood Elf Monk
Your problem is that you're going to Noxxic.
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90 Tauren Druid
The ONLY thing that every class forum agrees on is that Noxxic is terrible.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Oh that makes me feel better ^_^ it was saddening being told i should be doing 95k while im stuck down at 45-47k
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99 Human Monk
Sims and the like generally only reflect what kind of damage you theoretically could be putting out on a Patchwerk style dps fight in perfect conditions. Very few fights are like this, and very few ever will be again. That said, it does sound like you need a little work optimizing your rotation. While we are a hard class to squeeze out perfect numbers, we're one of the easier classes for getting decent ones.

A 2h weapon will lower your maximum damage a bit, but with that weapon it should be fairly reasonable to start squeezing out about 60-64k damage (for an 'average' player which is what I consider myself. The best monks around here could probably pull about 85+ in your gear). So look around, read some guides, ask questions, and get in some time on the practice dummy and dungeons/lfr to try to get your priorities into muscle memory. That said, you probably still pull better numbers than 90% of monks I run across, so you're not doing too bad!
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90 Human Monk
Oh that makes me feel better ^_^ it was saddening being told i should be doing 95k while im stuck down at 45-47k

You are well under expertise cap and marginally over hit. As a WW you want both at 7.5%.

You also really need to gem your gear, enchant those last few items and lose the pvp gloves.

Doing those above things will make a significant difference in your numbers.
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