If you are a criminal in Virginia...

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This thread is about how technology affects our everyday lives. Today's topic: safety.

The NDR, or National Driver's Registration service is not accessible by any computer from within the state of Virginia. Virginia also happens to surround Washington, DC, geographically.

The NDR being down means that DMV offices around the state cannot process or compare pictures of drivers, ultimately meaning that they can also not spot fake IDs. Any security checkpoint you go through, in Virginia or DC, is going to be based on how honest your face looks to the person ushering you through a line in the train station, bus depot, or airport.

The NDR has been down since Friday, April 12th, at around 4:30pm Eastern time and is still currently not up. Because of this the DMV for Virginia cannot issue new licenses, nor can the police issue tickets for moving violations, because they cannot confirm the identity of a driver.

Essentially, if you had hit someone with your car over the weekend, the police could prove in court that your car hit someone, but not that you were driving it. Similarly, people getting on some airplanes in that region are indeed on the honor system at this very moment.

And all of this because a network connection to a database went down and has not been brought back up.

I am not a revolutionary, nor trying to spout, sow or spread sedition. I am not posting to induce someone into committing a crime they would not otherwise commit. I just want to renew my license, and the only step remaining requires Virginia to take my picture to submit to a national database, which is used in airports and train stations, etc. for security reasons and verification; airports and train stations, institutions which I will remind you that cannot actually distinguish your ID from a fake one right now, because the system is down.

I hope nothing bad happens to anyone, but I will not mourn any setbacks or casualties that occur to a State that cannot pay its IT staff and its ISP fees on time.
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Riiight. I'm a VA resident, and my ID was renewed just the other day. And the chairman of the deacons at my church is a state trooper. So I call bull**** on this.
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Also, drivers' licenses (at least in California) come with a variety of features that make them hard to fake, including raised lettering, ultraviolet ink, etc. The authenticity of an ID card can be verified without verifying the identity itself.
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