Lvl 25 <Army of Thrall> is looking to fill some key positions. RBG, Raid Leaders, and general roster toons.

The first is Raid Leaders:
We have the option for two times, Tue/Thurs PM Availibility and Sat/Sun Availibility.
We have many geared toons ready to raid, but no one to Raid Lead them. Those interested please send an in-game message to Shamtul, Akashah, or Behrpong.
If someone wishes to raid lead, but cannot make those time schedules, we are still open to you, so long as you are willing to ASSIST in guild a team for your time-niche.

The Next is RBG!
We have run our first RBGs as a guild, and we would like to have MORE PVP players join in our ranks. We do ask you be ready to go Friday 630PM Server Time. Any interest can be Directed to Hordy, Mindpyre, or Kromb in game.

As for everyone else... our guild works for the benifit of all of its members, regardless of involvement, experience, or gaming desires. To do so, a large, ACTIVE roster helps to further reward achievements, and finance an open Guild Bank/ Repair privilage to all members. So if you just wish to be a part of one of the largest growing Guilds on a reborn server population, please message anyone of our members for the invite. Alts are welcome. We have even had several players transfer from Algazor and Darkspear just from our forums on their servers.

Bloodscalp used to be a great server, it is time we bring it back!

Happy gaming,