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(Last Edited: 9/21/2014)

If your guild was listed on the Cataclysm listing you will want to update this with current information!

I will be updating this to account for all Horde and Alliance RP guilds that are active for Mists. As more guilds are added, I will make links to the post that contains the guilds information.

Information needed: (Stolen from Elexandre who stole it from Shryndael)

Guild Name:
Created on:
Guild Leader:
Persons of Note:
Guild RP Theme:
Guild Chat Style:
Raiding/Instancing Style:
PvP Style:
Other RP Thingies:
Special Requirements:
Website Link:
About Guild:

[Horde Guilds]
• <The Farstriders> :
• <Grim Harbinger> :
• <Eversong Ranger Corps> :

[Alliance Guilds]
• <The Silver Dragoons> :
• <Children of the Stars> :
• <The Mistrunner> :

I know there are more out there. Let's show we are the RP realm we say we are.
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100 Human Paladin
Guild Name: The Silver Dragoons

Faction: Alliance

Created on: May 26, 2005

Guild Leader: Alynore Forrester

Persons of Note: Bennet Harrigan (Sowelu), Pinapple Peppercog (Darlain), Delphiee Callaghan (Fiyonna/Shiva), Guilietta Rossini (Beagen), Wesley Brennan (Wildmane)

Guild RP Theme: Pseudo-militaristic good guy adventurers.

Guild Chat Style: In Character via magical communication stones that you receive upon admittance. Invite-only OOC chat channel.

Raiding/Instancing Style: We raid alongside The Meddlers, though we 5man and Scenario as a guild when possible! Full rules are on the website.

PvP Style: Individual preference; nothing organized currently.

Website Link:
You can also check our Dragoon Recruitment topic on RP-Haven: and RP Crossroads:

PLEASE READ THE DRAGOON FORUM TOPICS ON THE WEBSITE! It not only has IC info, but OOC policies, and RP & Lore advice and information to help players, and our application process. We also share RP stories, and raid signups and other info/fun posts end up there.

We share with the Meddlers since WoWStead shut down, and we raid together.

About Guild: The Silver Dragoons hosts an open, public meeting every Wednesday at 7PM server time at the old Argent Dawn building in Stormwind's Cathedral Square.

Having been discharged from the Stormwind Army's service, the Silver Dragoons have become a private military unit. Their primary mission is still the assistance and defense of the Alliance and its citizens. The occasional help-save-the-world antics crop up, usually due to Meddlers dragging their Dragoon buddies into a mess.

Also, not to be confused with "Silver Dragoons", another guild with a very similar name!

Special Requirements: We are IC really hard on Death Knight and Warlock applicants. Warlocks cannot use IC demons, while DKs cannot use ghouls IC. Be prepared for a more intense interview and dislike by some characters. OOC, no one has issues, and several members have these classes as alts.

Other: We mostly like playing good guys, though some characters do have darker sides. We have IC applications on our website, and IC interviews for promotions. We do have pseudo-IC alt/friends-of-the-guild/OOC ranks available. We're pretty big on IC Actions having IC Consequences, but try to talk things out and compromise OOC where we can.

Many of us enjoy the lore, but it's OK if players wanting to join are not experts. We're happy to help people learn, and provide links and advice to find out more. We at least try to stay on roughly the same page and close approximate translations of the lore to make group RP easier.

We will also work with players, experienced and new, in running plotlines and telling stories--about their characters, or just an open plot for the guild--as needed, since RP is our main activity. We try to attend many of the RP events Alliance side on various characters, and share stories on our own website as well as on RP Crossroads.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name: Children of the Stars

Faction: Alliance

Created on: August 18th, 2010

Guild Leader: Ktar Cloudwaver & Mystie Rainwater

Persons of Note: Linaarra

Guild RP Theme: Nature-themed good guys. Trying to restore the balance, and now, put down Garrosh Hellscream and establish peace and balance again.

Guild Chat Style: Guild chat is In-Character, via a "guildstone" or whatever you'd like to call it. Some form of magical device soulbound to each guild member that allows us tracking and voice communication.

Raiding/Instancing Style: We are doing an in-character guild run following each guild meeting weekly. These will start with some old world content, and be lessons on the lore of the content, but will develop into Pandaria instances and guild runs.

PvP Style: With the fall of Theramore, PvP is completely accepted, although our members do not have any arena teams, BG teams, or the like.

Other RP Thingies: We meet every Sunday at 4pm Server Time, at the gazebo behind Stormwind Cathedral.

Special Requirements: We generally play good guys. We believe that IC actions have IC consequences. We have an Alt rank, and do interviews prior to accepting anyone into the guild, in-character.

Website Link:

About Guild: The Children of the Stars is a small fighting force that works with Tyrande and Malfurion to attempt to restore the balance to the land. This force, because it is small, can go undetected through much of the land, but have a great impact.
We are working with the rest of the Alliance more and more, and share information with the Meddlers and The Silver Dragoons.

Other: We welcome players of all experience levels with lore and the game in general, provided they have some desire to role-play. We're more than happy to work with player's storylines, plots, etc., and would love to have more members to roleplay with on a regular basis.
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74 Blood Elf Hunter
Guild Name: The Farstriders
Faction: Horde

Created on: 2-21-2012

Guild Leader: Elaeryn

Persons of Note: Neristrana, Arandar, Drevan, Rhaen

Guild RP Theme: Farstriders of the realm of Quel'thalas.

Guild Chat Style: OOC

Raiding/Instancing Style: Mix of IC/OOC depends on your group.

PvP Style: Mix of IC/OOC depends on your group.

Other RP Thingies: Blood Elf only. We accept most classes save for Warlocks and Death Knights.

Special Requirements: Send a letter to Elaeryn if you want to join.

Website Link:

About Guild: The Farstriders is a military style guild that focuses on discipline and camaraderie. We expect players to be able to assume that their toon is doing basic things over the course of the day like training in the mornings, patrols, capers, and routine work. The leadership is, after all, only human and we cannot be around to guide you through your stories, but we would love to be a jumping off point for them.

This post will probably be edited over the course of the week after I discuss it more in depth with Elaeryn.
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94 Draenei Monk
Guild Name: The Meddlers

Faction: Alliance

Created on: 4/5/2005

Guild Leader: Nicholai & Drogar (various alts)

Persons of Note: Henii (various alts), Nannyogg (various alts), Anka, Darlain, Finkswitch, Rhianon.

Guild RP Theme: Adventuring zany good guys with storyteller streaks.

Guild Chat Style: IC, mental link maintained by Nicholai and other Bards. We have invite-only OOC chat channels.

Raiding/Instancing Style: Casual, IC. Looking forward to flex raiding! Work with The Silver Dragoons usually, but any and all are welcome. Sign-ups are on the Meddler website. The Dragoon website has the normal raid rules clarified and posted.

PvP Style: Individual preference. Nothing currently guild-organized.

Other RP Thingies: An IC "Trial" to join: complete a task designed by a Bard. These can be simple, silly things, or epic endeavors, depending on your character. Be patient; we like to get to know people before letting them into the guild as a full member (do have "Not a Meddler" alt/friend ranks). The Meddlers have a few lore-buffs, and run/assist various weekly social events for the RP community.

Special Requirements: Be a fun, giving person. Our "drama" tends to revolve around "nice offs" where people try to defer to others. We tend to help a lot with crafting, achievements, etc, and don't charge money for it, especially from guildies. We prefer the "pay it forward" model.

Website Link: (need to be registered to see all content, contact Finkswitch or Drogar).

About Guild: The Meddlers are friends & family guild based in Edmonton, Alberta that has expanded to include other Shadow Council players. RP is a huge part of the guild, but not the only thing; the real emphasis is on having fun in a relaxed, safe environment.
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90 Orc Shaman
Guild Name: Grim Harbinger

Faction: Horde

Created on: 2013/10/22

Guild Leader: Mhorrg

Persons of Note: Amarok, Pazazu, Wessa, Skrang, Fleshgrinder(though not under that name)

Guild RP Theme: Neutrally aligned guild of prophets, seers, and those willing to heed their warnings.

Guild Chat Style: Undecided at the moment.

Raiding/Instancing Style: Individual Preference.

PvP Style: Individual Preference.

Other RP Thingies: The guild is defined mostly by the first word in its name, grim. While we accept anyone wanting to RP, it would work best if your character fit the theme at least slightly.

Special Requirements: In character mail to Mhorrg or the use of the in game guild browser would be the best way to join, though not required.

Website Link: Don't got one, probably never will. This guild is the very definition of heavy RP, casual everything else.

About Guild: Grim Harbinger is mostly comprised of former members of the guild Nightmare Legion. We all have an extremely black/morbid sense of humour and we will often say terrible, terrible things yet it is always tongue-in-cheek when we do. If you are the kind of person who is easily offended, you may not want to join. Just giving fair warning. We have always been a group of people firmly defined by the concept of "love us or hate us."
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Guild Name: Eversong Ranger Corps
Faction: Horde
Created on: March 7th, 2011
Guild Leader: Moriurya (Captain Brightsinger)
Persons of Note: Isardeth (Lieutenant Alament)

Guild RP Theme:
Farstriders and their allies. Defenders of the people and lands of Quel'Thalas.

Guild Chat Style:
Mostly In-Character, but OOC in brackets is fine. We promote the use of /ooc and /haven.

Raiding/Instancing Style:
Casual. Sometimes IC but mostly OOC.

PvP Style:
Casual. Always OOC unless World PvP within Quel'Thalas.

Other RP Thingies: Walk-Up and random RP is highly encouraged. ERC is a guild open to ooc communication to advance IC stories, but does not discourage random story plots and conversations.

Special Requirements:
1. No demons; we are not against demon roleplaying stories, but they do not fit our guild theme.
2. Ask questions if concerned/confused and accept feedback/comments/critique when it is given.
3. Request of members to be at least 16 years of age, as some conversations can get on the PG-13 rating, as can RP, though we try not to.

About Guild: Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good best describes the guild theme and is requested of its members. Eversong Ranger Corps is under the Ranger General of Quel'Thalas, currently being Halduron Brightwing, previously Sylvanas Windrunner. The guild was created in hopes to bring together the Ranger roleplayers out there and have them work together, then it grew to become a location for Fatstriders and citizens to aid their homeland. The Eversong Ranger Corps is an organization that is dedicated to providing assistance to all our communities in Quel'Thalas. The ERC will provide members to assist their local communities in everything from helping in a disaster and emergency, to assisting local authorities in locating missing persons and provide prompt assistance to any local community.
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70 Human Rogue
Guild Name: The Mistrunner
Faction: Alliance
Created on: February 2010
Guild Leader: Lynxfaye (CEO and Ship Captain)

Guild RP Theme: Salvage and Trading Company

Guild Chat Style: OOC mostly but can be used for IC communication

Raiding/Instancing Style: Completely casual. We run them as a team whenever we can, mostly OOC but sometimes for a salvage. Often high level members will run low level members through.

PvP Style: Personal preference. ICly battling against the Horde could be detrimental to their trade.

Other RP Thingies: We welcome and encourage all RPers, beginners to storytellers, to interact with us in any setting. Our general hangout location is in the Stormwind Harbor near the large lion statue; we hope to make a regular RP event in the future involving the harbor.

Special Requirements: Act with some maturity. Though we're accepting of all ages and all walks of life we require respect of each other and any other players in the game. Obscene language, bullying, sexual slurs, and racial slurs will not be tolerated. Please, be a helpful, friendly person; we are a community, so whenever you have the chance to help someone, don't hesitate.

About Guild:<The Mistrunner> is an old RP guild from Shadow Council, created early 2010. It had a short run in some very active RP stories before guild Levels and Perks were introduced. With WoD coming and guild levels being removed, we've decided to actively recruit other like minded players. We are here to enjoy each other's company and casually level together and play as a team. We're relaxed, friendly, and respectful in our play style and hope to be joined by others! If you're a casual player, roleplayer, returning player, and/or are new to the game, you'll fit right in!
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