Hi my name is Shookwon I represent Rising Destiny, join us or die by us. PVE/PVP/Social guild. 18+ only.

<Rising Destiny> is family-friendly, alt-friendly, casual-friendly, and insane-friendly. Just because we worship a giant squirrel named Totti doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join up and serve with pride! PST for more info.

<Rising Destiny> has been through the Dark Portal and promptly enlisted in the Burning Legion. It’s like the French Foreign Legion, but with more brimstone. Join <TWW> and make sure you’re on the winning side of the future… today!

<Rising Destiny> has weathered Barrens chat, deathcoil, Chuck Norris, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise and every iteration of the word “noob”. Join us, and together we will rule the galaxy!

Join <Time Well Wasted> and access our exclusive guild hall! We’ve named it Ironforge and it’s stocked with vendors, eye candy and a hot tub to call our very own! <TWW> – We don’t let a lack of guild features stop us.

Take your gameplay to the next level! Er… actually, take a few steps back. Kick up your feet. Stop the grind and join the coolest laid-back guilds in the land! It’s “cool” to call yourself “cool”. PST for more info about <Rising Destiny>.

<Rising Destiny> is a guild tag that you can be PROUD of wearing. It’s built Ford tough, tastes like the San Fransisco treat, and is now made with 10% fruit juice! Check out the zany guild from Zimbabwe — PST for info!

<Rising Destiny> is looking for a few off-kilter men and women who are dedicated to having a FUN time in the face of grinds and endless raids. Join us for a fresh perspective on a wonderful game! PST for info.