How do i get to Theramore's Fall- Requirement

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I have researched on all the WoW Websites now and have not found a single thing about what it requires to go to Theramore's Fall besides item lvl 353. How do i get to the silly scenario?
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Well you could like open up your LF menu and go to scenario or research it on wowhead or some other site.
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08/18/2013 09:53 PMPosted by Spankymcspan
Well you could like open up your LF menu and go to scenario or research it on wowhead or some other site.

This is a completely worthless comment. He said " I have researched on all the WoW Websites" and you tell him to what he has already done.

Well obviously the original poster didn't actually make a even slightly decent attempt at researching it or he would have found this post from a Blizzard employee (Kaivax) on 8/28/2012 that says:
Theramore's Fall, the first of many Scenarios coming to World of Warcraft, is a story-changing event that will be available to level-85 characters for one week only -- the week leading up to the launch of Mists of Pandaria on September 25.

[For the duration of the week of September 17-24, level-85 characters will be able to queue up for and participate in the Alliance and Horde versions of this new Scenario with two friends. (Please note: if friends are not available to you at the time, two will be provided. Batteries not included. Subject to change. Void where prohibited.)

After the lifting of the mists, Theramore's Fall will join all other Scenarios as level-90-only content, and everyone -- including players who missed it at level 85 -- will be able to play through the event. Upon completing the Scenario for the first time, players will see the aftermath of the battle whenever visiting Theramore in Dustwallow Marsh. Theramore will eventually be changed permanently to its post-battle state in a future patch, sometime after the launch of Mists of Pandaria, whether or not players have completed the Scenario.

We’ll see you there!

**Emphasis mine to draw attention to relevant portions since you and the OP seem deficient in simple research skills, which is probably why neither of you were able to zone into the scenario....
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