Hello fellow Pvpers :D i am currently looking for a dk, hunter,feral and mage for arenas. I am a 2.3k H Pally and a 2.5k+ player on my priest so i know how to effectively play within the 2.2k-2.6k range. I am currently running with a shadowpriest(my rl buddy) and were in the 1800-1900 range running a God comp variation (M.SP.HP) i would really like to find a dk,hunter or mage so we can progress further.

Need to be 2k+( in arenas not a Carried RBG rating)
Need to be geared
Need to effectively communicate in arenas( call out cc's, cds, swaps etc)
Need to be ok with being criticized when its needed( you can criticize us too if u feel the need were doing something wrong)
Cannot nerd Rage( i dont deal with lil kids !@#$%in)

If you qualify and interested in joining us then please let me know by either responding on this thread or message me in game or my Shadowpriest (akadmk).
Please take this seriously because we will be pushing for 2.3k+ for glad title
If you have any more questions/comments just let me know through the previously stated ways
Thanks for Reading and taking this post seriously and looking forward to running some serious 3s :D
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