Looking for bulk suppliers!

90 Gnome Death Knight
<Week of April 13th, 2013>
I am currently looking for bulk mat suppliers. Prices are dependent on AH. Mats are 50s/unit higher than the AH price. Current prices listed below. Everything will be edited every saturday at midnight.

Once I have everything I will be requesting more, and whoever gets the most farmed will be payed higher and become a permanent supplier.

Anything overpriced has been reduced to 10g/unit.

Please post what you have farmed in the comments before farming it so people don't farm the same mat.
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90 Gnome Death Knight
Mining Mats
Copper Bar - 1g25s/unit (Need 100)
Malachite - 2g50s/unit (Need 20) - NO LONGER NEEDED
Bronze Bar - 3g50s/unit (Need 120)
Shadowgem - (I am not paying 15g per effing unit because some noob wants to put it up for 308g. 3g/unit [Need 60]) - NEED 22 MORE
Heavy Stone - 3g/unit (Need 80)
Moss Agate - 10g50s/unit (Need 30)
Mithril Bar - 2g/unit (Need 120)
Solid Stone - 1g/unit (Need 80)
Citrine - 3g/unit (Need 25)
Truesilver Bar - 4g/unit (Need 15)
Aquamarine - 17g/unit (Need 5)
Thorium Bar - 4g50s/unit (Need 50)
Star Ruby - 10g50s/unit (Need 10)
Large Opal - 5g50s/unit (Need 20)
Azerothian Diamond - 15g50s/unit (Need 7)
Blue Sapphire - 2g50s/unit (Need 3)
Essence of Undeath - 5g50s/unit (Need 3)
Huge Emerald - 13g/unit (Need 20)

55 BC Green Gems of any kind (Your offer)
Adamantite Ore - 15g/unit (Need 200)
Primal Earth - 3g50s/unit (Need 10)
Adamantite Bar - 8g/unit (Need 10)

70 from any of the following gems: Bloodstone, Chalcedony, Dark Jade, Huge Citrine, Shadow Crystal, Sun Crystal
Bloodstone - 2g/unit (Need 5 [If you got 70 of it make it 75])
Crystallized Earth - 1g/unit (Need 10)
Eternal Earth - 10g/unit (Need 46)
Forest Emerald - 10g/unit (Need 5)
Titanium Bar - 60g/unit (Need 5)
Dream Shard - 20g/unit (Need 5)

45 from any of the following gems: Carnelian, Alicite, Jasper, Zephyrite
Hessonite - 10g/unit (Need 16)
Nightstone - 15g/unit (Need 50)

60 from any of the following uncommon gems: Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Opal, Sunstone, Roguestone, Alexandrite, Pandarian Garnet
9 from any of the following rare gems: Wild Jade, Vermilion Onyx, Primordial Ruby, Imperial Amethyst, Sun's Radiance, River's Heart (Buy 9 of the same color, i.e. 9 Sun's Radiance)
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90 Gnome Death Knight
Herbalism Mats (I realize people can just get the higher paying herb and get +50s/unit, so i'm only paying the lowest price herb +50s/unit until I get bulk suppliers)
110 Alabaster Pigment giving herbs - NO LONGER NEEDED
70 Dusky Pigment giving herbs - NO LONGER NEEDED
170 Golden Pigment giving herbs
170 Emerald Pigment giving herbs
160 Violet Pigment giving herbs
80 Silvery Pigment giving herbs
160 Nether Pigment giving herbs
400 Azure Pigment giving herbs
140 Ashen Pigment giving herbs
320 Shadow Pigment giving herbs

^That is for the herbs that give the pigments.
Edited by Zottix on 4/13/2013 10:03 AM PDT
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